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  1. Another Type R wrecked

    I live in that place. It works.
  2. Convert non paddle version to paddle shift?

    ...and I got a MINI R50 with CVT and paddles to play with. I find them totally useless, when i need "power" i just switch to DS to downshift and back to D when i'm done.
  3. Turn signal led bulbs?

    Everything looks exactly the same as the first day, it has been 4 years and all is perfect. Light is only a bit dimmer than originally but it's still perfectly visible in all conditions and honestly better than most led signals on modern cars. BTW i have used the same spray can for a ton of...
  4. 2016 owners : Do you have any noticeable wear and tear ?

    Mine is perfect after 4 years but i only drove 41000 km. Only oil changes so far
  5. China Civic hatchback with trunk spoiler light

    It's only on the concept, the road car finally arrived at the dealerships last week and is exactly the same as the UK built hatchback. There might be aftermarket companies inspired by the concept。
  6. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    Cosmic Blue in china is called "Golden Dark Blue" for a reason
  7. Axle shaft bearing leaking fluid

    I used to live on an island until recently, 1 km from the sea. Now I am still in an ocean city but not close enough to get salt on my car. Here is warm all year round so we don't have any salt o the road in winter, which makes a lot of difference.
  8. Axle shaft bearing leaking fluid

    Mine has leaked since the car was brand new. dealer signaled the leak during the first service at 3000km but, as in other cases here, they told me to wait and see what happens. It was 3 years ago and they keep checking for further damage at the oil changes. I can have it replaced if i really...
  9. How do you store your phone?

    Cup holder+ carplay, i don't need/want to touch the phone while driving. or sometimes i put my wife's phone behind the display if i have to reach a close destination and she sets the route after i start driving. Fits perfectly and doesn't move with a rubber phone case.
  10. these cars do not hold value as they did before

    Honda in China is the best brand as far as residual value of used cars in all categories: Fit, Civic, Accord and CRV are in first position against competition. Fit is the best overall, Civic just behind retains over 65% value after 3 years. Manual transmission cars like mine are very rare and...
  11. If you want something done, do it yourself.

    It is of course a handwash, I would not let them do it if it was automated, but probably not a completely diligent one as they wash a lot of cars quickly with the same rags. fortunately automatic car washes are not a thing here in china, but hand washes can be dangerous too if not done properly.
  12. If you want something done, do it yourself.

    I always wash and detail by myself, except when i bring it to Honda for service and i'm too lazy to decline a free car wash... my car is 3 years old and not 100% perfect but i can see new swirl marks every time they touch it.
  13. How often do you see civics with the same color as yours?

    All the time, easily 5-10 a day. I was one of the first to get a cosmic blue and now there are many everywhere. But i know they all have a CVT and i smile because my baby is still special and unique even if it looks the same outside.
  14. 2019 hbst carjacked

    It's still not worth risking your life for a car
  15. Your 10th Gen Is this a hype ting or lifetime ting?

    My Civic just turned 3 years old, this is usually the time i change car but mine has only 37000 km and i absolutely don't plan to sell it. I decided to keep it as long as possible because it will almost certainly be my last manual car, there is just no alternative here, all the other cars over...
  16. 2019 hbst carjacked

    Really scary story. As others said just let them do their s**t and wait for the insurance fix the problem for you. Aside from the car loss, which is easily replaced, the fear will stay much longer. I am happy to live in a very safe place where nothing really happens.
  17. Anyone have this offset on their door frame/window frame?

    That's how it is made. Actually mine has a lot less welding there :confused:
  18. Fender dent

    I used an extra long Allen wrench with a round end, packed in a plastic bag to avoid scratches
  19. Fender dent

    It's not an easy dent, it's pretty deep and sharp so i would say it takes a very experienced pdr guy to fix it correctly. I had 2 dings done on my passenger door for the equivalent of 35$, the next time i got 2 small dings on another door I attempted to do the job myself, mainly for the pleasure...
  20. Would this (small) damage require a full replacement of the front bumper or could it be "fixed"?

    Just a touch up, i do it all the time because people keep hitting my car when is parked. Sunday I had to repair scratches on 4 panels :(