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  1. Enough saying the Corolla GR kills the type R

    I estimated the wheel power output for the Corolla based on a ratio. This assumes that the parasitic power train loss between the two vehicles is the same (or very similar). We know the GR Yaris makes like 230-ish to the wheels with a rating of 268 and we know the GR Corolla has a rating of...
  2. Please share your dents, dings or scratches. Support Group

    I think my insurance was charged on the order of 800 or something (paint and body work). It was a long while ago.
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Yeah, if I'm parked on the shoulder of an active road I'll flash.
  4. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I hit my second meme-tastic mileage yesterday on my way home from work.
  5. Enough saying the Corolla GR kills the type R

    I thought it's closer 500 HP on stock in internals if I'm not mistaken, and I'm pretty sure the FK8 can hit 500 on stock internals too (plus FK8 weighs less). Granted I wouldn't want to run either motor @500 HP on stock internals.
  6. ExtremeContact DWS 06 PLUS

    PS4S is a summer tire while the DWS06 Plus is an all season compound. Do you want a grippy summer compound that isn't recommended in the cold or do you want an all season compound that can do some cold work with the sacrifice of some traction loss in the higher temps?
  7. Enough saying the Corolla GR kills the type R

    I'm looking at Fastlaps for the ¼ mile times for the GR86, GR Yaris, Focus RS, and the FK8 (for fun, it's not really a fair comparison with the FK8). I get the following numbers: GR86: 14.0 s @ 101 MPH GR Yaris: 13.0 s @ 105 MPH Focus RS: 13.1 s (no trap speed) Civic Type R: 13.4 s @ 108 MPH...
  8. 27WON FK8 Turbocharger Upgrade (The one the forum asked for)

    You've had us all Kuro-ous for a while now Vince... Edit: I'll see myself out now.
  9. STi canceled so much for next Type R competition

    I was going to cross shop a Golf R with the Type R (also cross shopped the Focus RS). Couldn't find one in my area at all. To add, when I did finally get to sit in one, I was too short to push the clutch in all the way :/
  10. 2020 FK8 - How can I remove the shift boot ?

    You definitely want to specify which year of knob and nut you bought then. The nut and collar were changed for the 2020 year and doesn't work with the 2017-19 unless you replace both the nut and collar. So if you have a 2020+ nut, it won't work with a 2017-19 collar (without a few millimeters...
  11. STi canceled so much for next Type R competition

    Golf R is still a thing. And the new GR-FOUR Sienna too!
  12. 2020 FK8 - How can I remove the shift boot ?

    From Honda? You need to buy a new shift boot assembly, what is pictured comes as one part from Honda. From others? There are some 3rd parties that sell shift boot collars (like Acuity). Edit: note that if you buy a Honda part, make sure it matches up with your model year as the collar design...
  13. OEM Aftermarket Replica Shift Knob?

    Mine got to me today. There are some distinct differences between them, the knockoff seems to be ever so slightly bigger than the OEM, but also heavier as well. I will note that despite it having an overall smaller diameter, there are parts of the knob that seem bigger on the non-OEM knob...
  14. OEM Aftermarket Replica Shift Knob?

    Different lighting can cause differences overall. The differences in color also can change with use too. Mine is supposed to arrive today. Though my OEM one has seen better days, I can still weigh them.
  15. Faint Clutch Click Noise?

    If I were to guess, it's an issue with the design. I had my CMC replaced under warranty around 25-30k miles. It had been going on for a little while before then too since it starts then slowly becomes a thing. Another 30k miles later, I've got the issue again. This time I elected not to do...
  16. Faint Clutch Click Noise?

    This will fix the issue, but it will come back within 1 to 2 years. It normally starts up when the temps begin rising after the winter and just stick around. It gets worse with time. Also, if you let the car sit for a while (not drive it daily) it will also silence it for a little while too.
  17. OEM Aftermarket Replica Shift Knob?

    I guess it was only a matter of time before it happened. Well its piqued my interest, I'll take a look. I need to remember where I have my OEM one and dig it out :p
  18. Ok gas prices are getting ridiculous....Regular in this car?

    Car is tuned to use the highest octane gas, but if it senses knock, it will adjust timing for up to 89 octane (US). I'm not sure how quickly it will revert to "assuming" that the gas is high octane again (it may keep it this way for a few seconds/minutes, the entire drive, until the tank is...
  19. S2000 shift knob installed

    The 2020 shift knob will screw on right. But it’ll sit higher than intended on the shifter due to the changes Honda made to the shifter for 2020 (shorter throw in the actual shifter and shift knob nut).
  20. Expected Power Numbers From Race Gas?

    There was a video that surfaced about one of the plant workers saying that the FK8 motor will adjust timing for up to 100 octane (RON) which is approximately 96 octane (AKI) in the US. I'm not sure how big the numbers are, but fuel was the explanation regarding the power differences between the...