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  1. Check System Message

    There was another cause that the new battery change eliminated. If your neighbor had simply removed his original battery and put it back in, it would have had the same result or your neighbor didn't tell you everything.
  2. Check System Message

    I desagree, if car start very well, battery is very good.
  3. Check System Message

    If the car always start, battery is good.
  4. Check System Message

    I'll disconnect the battery for a second reset
  5. PIAA Silicone wipers...

    I use Honda refill, work great and easy to replace. I replace once a year . $20 / 2
  6. Help

    Wire contact issues. check all you connections.
  7. Fanfare doesnt make any noise

    I do . Easy and cheap
  8. Rust bolt cause rust frame?

    Nothing to worry about. Leave it. Look carefully around your engine you may find more rusty bolts. You may have a hard time to remove it and if you break the bolt head what will you do ? New to car , welcome
  9. When to do maintenance for a used car

    google ; How often should Honda CVT fluid be changed? every 30,000 to 60,000 miles Since fluids break down over time, it's important to change your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. _____________ On a used car with no driving history, I will change every fluid sonner than...
  10. How many years did your factory battery last?

    2016 and 2018 Civics with orginals batterys. Car battery don't like hot wheater .
  11. 2017 Civic hatch fuel filter

    You may be right.
  12. 2017 Civic hatch fuel filter

    No , and you can't . it is in the fuel tank . On modern car you never need to replace fuel filter
  13. Class action lawsuit for Honda16-18 Civic AC?

    Compressor is free ? First time I read that. Many member pay $1k Because I dont truss the stealership. At my A/C small town shop I can talk to the owner
  14. Class action lawsuit for Honda16-18 Civic AC?

    The compressor never (short answer) needs to be replaced. It's a way for the dealer to make money. The condenser; I preferred to go to my honest specialist A/C shop and pay to have it replaced once 3 years ago. You story is too often read here abbot a stealership . You will learn.
  15. code A14 , 2018 ex civic, $1800?

    Google have the answer for any question ; Auto tensionner ; It keep the belt tight
  16. Sub install draining battery

    I agree with you. Don't work in car electrical if you don't know electricity
  17. Sub install draining battery

    Google have al the answers; One of them: I did not say Add a Fuse will fix it . _____________________________ IMO you do a mistake in your wiring
  18. Oil pan replacement

    For this repair which is rather complex for someone who is not a mechanic, I would go to a good mechanic. Between knowing what to do and doing it right, there's often a world of difference and I wouldn't take the chance of having a problem ($$$) on the road because it's not done right.
  19. 2016 Honda Civic EXT A/C Blowing hot

    Condenser issue . Well know and often discuss here . Honda give extended warranty on condenser. À $300 job on any A/C shop Many dealers want to replace the ( good working ) compressor in same time, not on warranty, to make some money with you ..........