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  1. About to turn my car over to a detailer - nervous

    I got my car back and he did a good job. I did do as much research as I could on his business. He worked on the car for about 3 hours. It is his business and he is the only employee, I figured since he worked for himself he had a vested interest in doing a good job. Must say I was relieved...
  2. Car Dimensions for Garage

    I am moving to a place that has a small garage (93" wide) - I see the width of the civic is 71". Does anyone know if that includes the mirrors, should I be able to fit it into that garage? Sure hope I can.
  3. About to turn my car over to a detailer - nervous

    I hand wash my car about once a week, but it's about time to get a wax. I don't have the supplies for that, so I am having it done by a detailer. He advertises - exterior body and tire wash/shined, clay bar treatment, buffing, windows cleaned, hand wax, and wheels waxed. I'm nervous about...
  4. Stop Sale/Safety Recall: 2016 Civic VSA Software Update (electric parking brake issue)

    Yup, just checked my VIN and my car is affected by this as well.
  5. Car Accident

    Looks good, I'm sure you're glad to get her back in proper shape.
  6. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Installed dome lights and LED floor lights.
  7. Question- what type of bulb for dome light

    Thanks, that worked. Replaced my interior lights with blue LED's..
  8. Question- what type of bulb for dome light

    I'm interested in replacing the dome lights, front and back with blue LED's - what type of bulb should I order?
  9. Fml...accident today

    So sorry to hear about your accident and now having to deal with the insurance, or lack there of. I bought a dash cam for both front and rear. I had them installed at a place that does car stereos.
  10. How are the Seat Covers from FH Group

    Yes, that's what I would recommend. It doesn't come with them.
  11. Honda Care extended warranty

    I pulled the trigger on the extended warranty yesterday. I went with Hyannis because they were about $80 cheaper than Saccucci. I got the 8 year/100,000 miles for $900. I as about to hit the 6 months/6,000 miles, so I went with it. I hope to have this car for a while and the technology scares...
  12. Infotaintment Update

    Almost hate to say anything, but the problem I had with the flashing on and off hasn't happened in 3 months and I didn't do anything. The problem of not "seeing" my phone is also very rare now. The only problem that I still have is sometimes there is no sound (then corrects itself) and it...
  13. General question

    I would. Your inconvenience was caused by their mistake.
  14. I think I'm too anal about my stuff especially my car

    Yea, I had a friend get into my car and put his large camera with telephoto lens on the dashboard, sure enough I later found a scratch. I'm going to be more attuned to what passengers are doing. I plan to keep this car for a long time and want to keep it in good shape.
  15. How are the Seat Covers from FH Group

    I received the FH Group seat covers. I think I got them to fit pretty well. Used a 4" bungee cord to secure in the back. These seem to be OK quality. I had tried another set I got at a nearby store, they were real crap and I returned those.
  16. No audio with Pandora

    I have an iPhone, but I still have this problem sometimes- may work fine, do an errand, get back in the car and no sound. Oddly I find that holding down the voice activation button on the steering wheel, then cancelling will sometimes fix it.
  17. The Big Test: 2016/2017 Compact Sedans (Motor Trend)

    Looks like the Civic won!