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  1. Need advice: EXL vs Touring...

    Personally I would go with the EX-T. It has everything you need, unless those little nice features (rear heated seats, auto rain sensing wipers are what mainly comes to mind) are something you can't live without. The headlights look awesome, but I could live without them. I also heard glitchy...
  2. 3 Beeps When Unlocking

    Do you keep your spare key in the car? (silly question) but that is what made mine beep 3 times when I first got it. When I finally put my spare in the house I actually freaked out when it was only 2 beeps haha
  3. CivicX escapes death.

    Holy heck... I always get nervous driving past cranes, for this exact reason!
  4. 2017 Rumor: Side view camera to be replaced with blind spot warning system.

    I love the lanewatch camera too, over the past few months I can't imagine driving without it anymore. That being said, there are instances where it is pretty useless (mostly at night on dark roads and dimly lit highways). It also has caused me to have a habit of looking at the screen even when...
  5. I like ECON mode

    YES! I 100% percent agree. The throttle response is very smooth with eco on, something that I couldn't say for my 2013 civic, which made econ mode feel like you were being punished for wanting better gas mileage. I haven't noticed much of a difference with econ mode on though as far as gas mileage.
  6. Spotting other Civic owners on the road

    I wish there was a civicx wave, kind of like the jeep wave! The little boy inside of me gets giddy everytime I see another one. Sadly, that feeling is not normally reciprocated... Well, ever to be honest. I'm sure I was mistaken for a stalker or a creep a few times but oh well :dunno:
  7. Civic vs Cruze vs Elantra vs Corolla vs Sentra

    Yeah, I don't really notice the CVT anymore though now that I'm used to it. I don't drive too crazy but it seems to just kind of stay out of the way. In aggressive driving is where you notice it the most. I understand why it's a deal breaker for some though.
  8. Civic vs Cruze vs Elantra vs Corolla vs Sentra

    Haha don't feel bad... start at the end and work your way backwards :-P I've driven a sentra and I definitely think it is not for anyone who likes A) being in a car b) driving a car. Honestly though, an old friend of mine got that car for 15 and some change out the door, so for someone looking...
  9. Hello. New here.

    Thats roughly about 22mpg which if you are in heavy CITY driving, meaning at stoplights, accelerating just to come to a stop again then I would say that is about right. I am near washington DC and I get even less than that. The system decreases the MPG drastically when you are stopped entirely...
  10. Civic vs Cruze vs Elantra vs Corolla vs Sentra

    Very true, I'm a Motor Trend fan though. Plus they get pretty detailed when comparing price per feature, 5 year cost to own, and mpg EPA estimates vs. real life. Truth be told I spend more time reading about cars than I should but hey, that is why I'm on this forum after all ;)
  11. Civic vs Cruze vs Elantra vs Corolla vs Sentra

    Motor trend did a comparison of all compact cars, needless to say the sentra was dead last, and next to dead last was the corolla. The cruze did surprisingly well, I'm not a fan of the styling but it sounds like they got quite a bit right with the redesign. Forgot to mention in the title that...
  12. Anyone noticing small rattles?

    I was driving on slightly rough pavement today and realized where my drivers side rattle is coming from. It is the plastic piece that sits on top of the gauge cluster! I was almost certain it was from the actual door but I listened to it for about three or four minutes straight and it's...
  13. Anyone noticing small rattles?

    I would take it to the dealer, rattles from plastic on glass won't go away or get better unfortunately... Only worse :(
  14. Anyone noticing small rattles?

    I've been playing around with it, but haven't found a permanent solution. I did stick a sock in the gap while driving and that made it go away, so I'm thinking something just has to be wedged in there.
  15. Anyone noticing small rattles?

    I don't think so, taking the dash apart will probably cause another rattle or two. Probably be best to give it a while and maybe you'll forget about it? That's what I'm going to try to do, I don't see how they could fix it either since there is nothing on that piece to keep it snapped into place.
  16. Anyone noticing small rattles?

    Dang! You could stick a small finger in there
  17. first wash and wax

    I'm not sure about the whole wash/wax procedure, a lot of guys (and gals) spend a ton of time washing and waxing, but I'm pretty lazy. The chemical guys sell a wash and wax waterless car wash that you spray on and use microfiber clothes to wipe off and it works wonderfully. Smooth, shiny, glass...
  18. Rear bumper push out a little

    It should be fine... it doesn't look like it will be catching wind, and it isn't sticking out very far. If it bugs you whenever you look at it just take it by the dealer and tell them you just want to make sure all the clips are actually in place and secured correctly.
  19. Anyone noticing small rattles?

    Yeah? I find it hard to believe they would cut these trim pieces like this.... Does yours have a fastener where the two connect? Mine doesn't have anything that clips in or attaches