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  1. Winter wheel prep

    I would say 2-step correction for my wheels but this was after the 3rd step, chemical guys v36, will finish with v38 before applying ethos graphene matrix to lock in the shine.
  2. Paintless dent removal

    Has anyone dabbled with paintless dent removal? I have 2 small dent on my Si that look like they would be an easy fix. Thinking of buying some toolage for PDR.
  3. Vargas GV for fk8

    If this is as good as the GC for the 1.5T it will be a great option
  4. Vargas GC for FK8 looks to be coming

    Looks like a beauty.
  5. Turbo poll - link below

    Guys/girls please follow link and let us know your choice!?! Thank you
  6. Lots of options nowadays, what turbo are you going to choose?

    A few great drop-in turbo option came available this past year for the 1.5T in addition to what was already available. With all of the feedback and information available what drop-in turbo do you have or plan to go with? If you already have a drop-in turbo but plan to switch please vote for the...
  7. New Jersey Stock clutch + flywheel for sale

    Selling my stock clutch/flywheel 15k miles on them, no hot spots or burns barely worn. Not sure the value, make offer. Located in central Jersey, if shipped you will need to buy the shipping label and email to me. PayPal feed additional or use zelle. Will add pictures soon
  8. First broken part on my Si

    So I closed my trunk, heard a loud bang, went to open trunk to find it felt heavy AF. The spring rod that assists in open the trunk snapped! I mean if that's the first part that broke on this car, that's pretty good and a minor inconvenience just a heavy trunk lid now. Will source a new one and...
  9. New Jersey Raceseng / Perrin / type-r shift knobs

    1- raceseng stratose - red, microsuade red stitching, no shift pattern engraved just the ring, with shift boot adapter 1omm x 1.5 used for 1 month still perfect condition. Everything included to install - $300 2- Perrin weighted shift knob aluminum with red collar, civic 6-speed pattern...
  10. New Jersey Hawk DTC -30 for wildwood 6 piston caliper

    Brand new never used hawk dtc-30 brake pads to be used in wildwood superlite 6-piston caliper big brake kit. $130 plus shipping Hawk Wilwood Superlite DTC-30 Race Brake Pads - hawkHB521W.800
  11. Annoying pop up ads

    Who else finds the new pop up adds on this site super annoying? When typing the little ad that pops up above keyboard blocks what I am typing. I understand the need for adds to generate income for this site since it is free, but the little one that pops up above the keyboard it in a very...
  12. Ethos coatings sale

    Ethos has a 20% off sale right now on their graphene and ceramic coatings! The new ethos graphene MAX lasts up to 7 years!! Get it while its cheap...
  13. New Jersey Sold: Ported/ceramic coated RV6 R365 turbo for sale used

    Selling my Rv6 R365 drop-in turbo. Installed on car for a out 13,000 miles, a little over 1 year. Compressor outlet ported to 38mm to match the stock or 27won inlet pipe crossover port (33mm when new) Hot side is jethot coated. Zero issue with this turbo, no shaft play no oil leaks. Tuned on 93...
  14. Sport-inject channel

    2 new videos up on my YouTube channel Engine bay detailing part 1 + 2, full length with explanation of process. If you find this at all helpful please like and subscribe. I am still learning this whole video thing, so any comments or suggestions please let me know. Thanks
  15. Vargas GC turbo initial review

    I bought the @VargasTurboTech GC turbo in march, did not receive until June and finally this weekend installed it. I decided to go to the GC turbo from the RV6 r365 for a few reasons. The 93 dyno numbers that @Neddih shared when he tuned with IMW were very impressive. The first drop-in turn...
  16. Skunk 2 swag giveaway

    Hey guys/gals I'm celebrating my new sponsor skunk2 racing with a swag giveaway All the details are on my Instagram account @fc3_s_i Swag to be given away- 1 t-shirt - design depends on your shirt size 1 flex fit hat - 2 sizes available 1 windshield banner 2 sticker packs 1 beer coozy 1...
  17. Clean culture show this saturday

    Any local to NJ, Saturday at Englishtown Raceway Park Clean Culture car show, Adam LZ guest appearance. I will be there handing out tons of Skunk2 swag. If anyone is going let me know!
  18. Sport injected Channel

    Hello fellow civic enthusiasts. I recently started recording some of the activities I am doing to my Si and have posted a few videos on my dormant 10 year old YouTube channel. My intent is to post informative videos that may inspire others to take some projects into their own hands rather than...
  19. Clean culture raceway festival NJ

    Anybody going to the Clean Culture show at English Town raceway park July 23rd? I entered into the show, my car is no show car but thought it would be fun. Have tons of Skunk 2 swag to hand out as well! (What's in the picture is about a 5th of what I was sent)
  20. Oem turbo question

    Will a stock Si turbo work to replace a stock 1.5 accord turbo? If not why? Thanks.