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  1. OMGOMGOMG FINALLY I might cry
  2. Air filter box bolt broke. How to remove?

    Does anyone know how to remove the shoulder nut bolts and replace from the top part of the airbox? The front left bolt got rusty, seized and I snapped it when unscrewed it today. 3 bolts still seems to get a very good seal on the airbox, but my OCD…😬
  3. Si Coupe w/ wing delete

    Saw a Si coupe today that the owner had taken the wing off of. Was on I64 west heading toward Lexington, KY. Wish i could unsee it. Silver car. The plastic mounting points were still on the trunk lid to cover the holes. The coupe NEEDS a wing.
  4. Indiana OEM Cargo Tray for Coupe

    I have an OEM Cargo/Trunk tray for sale. It was hardly used and only has a few minor scratches. Only fits 2 door/coupe models 50$ local pickup around Indianapolis
  5. “Can I get by with my Summer tires in snow?”

    NO. Don’t do it you cheap son of a bitch. For anyone asking themselves or thinking of making a thread asking whether they need winter tires, please consider watching this man’s videos. Especially if you have summer rubber on your car and think you can tough it out. You can get by in a good...
  6. Oil-Starved L15BA teardown video!

    Been watching this guy for awhile. Love watching his engine teardowns. He finally got his hands on a 1.5T. Looks like somebody forgot to put oil in it or somebody didn’t torque the drain bolt. A must watch for sure. Hopefully he can get an L15B7 to compare it to sometime.
  7. Saw this on Reddit today.

    I hope none of you drive like this on the highway. This shit gets people killed and you deserve to have your Si smashed to pieces.
  8. Dealership used Si Coupe price

    Today i stopped by a dealership in the Indianapolis area to see an 11th gen in person. They had an EX that had a sold sticker on it. It’s true, they look better in person. Also the sticker said assembled JAPAN, engine JAPAN, transmission JAPAN. So that was interesting. I think the EX trims...
  9. EDM Sounds good on stock system

    It’s been brought up before, but every time I put some electronic music on in my car, I find myself saying this stock system was optimized for this genre. Anyone else have thoughts? Maybe I just haven’t experienced a true quality sound system...
  10. OEM Sport Headlights on my Si

    I waited a long ass time to get a decent deal on these headlights in the classifieds. Finally got around to installing them and I’m really happy with how they look on the Si. Thought I’d share.
  11. Si w/ snow tires = ?

    I know a lot of the US is getting dumped on right now. Glad to share that the Si is truckin through half a foot of snow in Indianapolis like a champ today. I think the LSD helps a lot as well. Running 17x7 OEM accessory wheels with Continental VikingContact 7 tires. Size 215/50R17 Pretty...
  12. Insulated ESCO knob V2

    How’s progress on the V2 insulated knob coming along? Any updates? I didn’t get rich selling my V1 and now I miss it ?
  13. Tire shops/websites recommending 225/40R18 on Si

    Why are tire shops and websites telling people that 225 width tires are recommended on Civics with OEM 18” wheels when Honda makes it pretty clear that 235/40R18 is the intended size?
  14. Possible Alternator problem?

    So last night I start my 2017 Si (52k miles) and it cranks like 8-10 times and just barely starts. I get out in the road going home from work (around 8 miles) and I start hearing a whine. It sounded and smelled like a failing alternator. RPMs were dropping fast between shifts like it was...
  15. My half shaft bearing seal is leaking MTF?

    I’ve started to notice that my halfshaft bearing seal on the passenger side is leaking MTF. ***Edit: Bearing grease, not MTF*** I think that is what it is called. Here is a picture after I already wiped the oil off of it (oops). The aluminum belly pan had some standing fluid on it as well...
  16. Indiana FS: OEM Cargo tray (Coupe)

    Selling my OEM trunk cargo tray. Fits 2 door coupe models only. 50$ local pickup around Indianapolis.
  17. Indiana Sold: FS: Acuity White ESCO Insulated knob

    WINNER: LastOneWasAChevy (127$ shipped) ***Edit*** Auction ends at 8:00 PM EST. I will sell to the highest bid posted on this thread before 8:01. Gently used. No noticeable flaws. Bag and wrist bands included. THE ONE EVERYBODY WANTS! I’ll be taking bids. Post your bids in this thread...
  18. 9th gen Cold Coolant dash light?!?

    Why’d Honda put a cold engine coolant temp light on the dash for the 9th gen Si and not bring it to the 10th? Seems useful
  19. Indiana FS: Si Knob, K&N drop-in, OEM springs, clear markers

    Selling some goodies. Many items that will fit most or all 10th gen civic models with 6MT. Will ship within continental USA, or meet in person if you are close. All transactions made through paypal goods and services. Private message me for questions and offers. 1 - Acuity Throttle Spacer...
  20. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    If you own a 2016-2018 10th gen, you probably have a bad condenser. It’s just a matter of time. I’ve been waiting for mine to show signs. This week it did. My 2017 Si is right at 44,000 miles today. The A/C has been just fine up until about a week ago when I started realizing it should be...