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  1. 1.5T Cvt went bad

    Sounds like it was just stuck in neutral bc of solenoid sensor lol. Idk how that could happen exactly like in that situation. I guess your just lucky idk go buy a lottery ticket or something
  2. CVT Destroyed at 45k, looking to MT swap

    Yeah I agree I'll need to do this in the future. Can you make a full parts thread?
  3. Loud intake noise ( stock intake)

    It sounds ok to me, as long as no CEL I think you may be ok.
  4. Loud intake noise ( stock intake)

    Hmmm check the intake and make sure everything is tightened correctly and there is no leaks. See if that helps. If not inspect the bov or the bov hose for leaks. A video with the noise would help a lot. Thanks
  5. Loud intake noise ( stock intake)

    Does it sound like a whoosh, then it could be just the bov, or it could be a rattle somewhere.
  6. Can we talk about the weird toxicity in FB Type R groups?

    I think I'm afraid of myself too lol nah seriously you forgot about the FK4 owners
  7. Hondata CVT Failure

    What website is this?
  8. Scotty Kilmer on oil dilution

    Solution: Buy a 94 Celica
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Can you do a thread for the diy cvt cooler?
  10. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    I have a solution to all the cvt guys answers..... There’s a way to swap cvt to 6MT. Now let the comments on how this is a supposed bad idea roll in lol.
  11. Will I blow my CVT?

    Change cvtf fluid, filter, and cvtf warmer filter 5k-10k miles if you going for more power.
  12. CVT etune and bolt ons estimate

    I can still find them with a quick google search.......
  13. HELP SUBWOOFER FOR 10th gen si coupe

    Hey guys, I got a friend with a 10th gen si coupe and we are trying to figure out which factory sub wires to tap into for the big aftermarket subwoofer he putting in. I’ll add pics of where we think we should tap into it’s a red and white wire.
  14. Bbk for civic less than $800

    What year genesis and trim for caliper? What year rouge and trim for rotor?
  15. Modding 2018 EXL CVT?

    Intake Exhaust Wheels Suspension Strut bar Wing Aero parts like wing front lip
  16. K20C4 in Civic??

    Swap is possible, there have been successful swaps on 1.5T cars, mine soon to join them lol. As for the 1.5’s there is a thread on here with probably same partlist you will likely need. Engine trans Mounts Computers Wire harnesses- please just buy them oem don’t try and diy them it’s not fun...
  17. Cvt is weird

    Cvt to Manual Trans gonna come soon to my car...... Cvt is perfectly fine tho

    It may be just a glitch in the ecu. It may just be a one time thing and could go away.

    if the check engine light came on what is the code that the ecu said?

    Ok so those are readiness monitors for emissions for when you get the car inspected each year. You need to drive a few miles for the computer to make them green. It is perfectly normal to see that on an obd2 car.