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  1. WTB wheel spacers 5x120

    Looking for a set of 4 wheel spacers 5x120 for fk8. 25mm and up is what I am looking for
  2. FYI FK8 PRL inlet pipe eta MID JULY

    Hey guys not sure if any of you ordered and are still waiting for inlet pipes from prl, I placed order 4/4 said eta mid may, now mid July. I know their website currently says 6/16. Hopefully Mishi gets something out quick too from their new developments
  3. MA state inspection with Hondata

    Anybody from Massachusetts that has Hondata flash pro and passes emissions? I have a sticker due and wasn’t sure if I need to flash back to stock or maybe just make sure it’s not ignoring certain codes. Specifically it is on a 19 type r so I’m not positive if it’s the same ecu as the other 10th...