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  1. 2 holes is transmission??

    I’m in the middle of changing my oil and pulled the skid plate off and I noticed two holes in the bottom of the transmission. No oil seems to be coming out and one of the areas is where a threaded bolt goes through while the other is next to a black plastic Plate of some sort. obviously, I’m...
  2. FL5 Type R with drift king touge video

    Did anyone see this? Would be nice to get a translator for some of the commentary.
  3. Cruise control not setting after custom tune

    Hey all, My cruise control wont set after receiving finishing my custom tuning. Tuner assured me the tune does not do disable cruise control. I took car to honda and they ran full diagnostics and everything is running correctly. I originally thought it had something to do when they replaced my...
  4. Cruise control not working after steering wheel replacement

    I had the dealer replace my steering wheel recently because the threading was splitting in some areas. They didn’t replace the controls as those were fine. I noticed yesterday though that when pushing the cruise button, the “cruise main” light comes on the dash, but when I press set nothing...
  5. Florida heat peeling paint!

    Check out what the sun has done to my side mirrors! Went to Honda and they are submitting for warranty since I’m still under 3 year bumper to bumper until October. Hopefully it gets approved.
  6. Florida Sold: Konig Hypergrams FK8 Spec

    Good opportunity for anyone that wants to get some lightweight 18's for their Type R without breaking the bank. Konig Hypergrams for sale. I'm selling these at a bargain because they are taking up space in my guest room which I need to turn into an office. 18x9.5 +35 5x120 PCD Will include...
  7. Florida Civic Si Clutch Slave Clylinder

    I have a spare clutch slave cylinder. I bought a spare from Honda for $125 when I wanted to take out the delay valve, but didn’t want to risk any down time or complications. With this you can do the CDV delete stress free taking your time and then removing yours, sell it (or keep), and get your...
  8. Florida Sold: Eibach Rear Camber Arms (New)

    Selling new never used Eibach Rear Camber Arms. One of the packages was opened for inspection. $300 shipped in continental US. Thank you
  9. Florida Konig Hypergrams 18x9.5 with like new tires

    Konig Hypergrams in 18x9.5 +35. Tires are Falken Azenis 615k+ 265/35. They are like new and just hit 500 miles. Also includes hub centric rings, monster lug nuts, and 4 locks. The barrel of the wheels are also ceramic coated and in good shape. $1,500 FIRM. Located in Palm Beach County. Local...
  10. Aggressive offset= tramlining?

    After going from the factory 20” wheels to aftermarket 18” in 18x9.5 +35 I’ve noticed some interesting changes. The torque steer is there and expected. What I didn’t expect is the tramlining. If there is a rut or uneven road, it pulls me into the direction of it quite significantly. Is this a...
  11. Hondata not recognizing USB device ?

    Went to flash my CTR and I’m getting this error I never had before. Flash pro and cable are around a year old. Tried resetting computer and unplugging from OBD2 already. any ideas ?
  12. 265/35/18 or 275/35/18 stock height

    Whats up guys, I’ll be needing to get new tires within the next month or so. I’m currently on a 18x9.5 +35 setup with 255/40 ps4s. I definitely want to throw on at least a 265 next and have even read some getting away with a 275. My offset being high I’m wondering if a 275 is even doable. I plan...
  13. Florida Sold: Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    $500 shipped continental US Text me at +1 (561) 566-4237
  14. Help with hondata traction control

    I recently removed my flex fuel kit and went back to a 93 basemap tune. I had the traction control settings previously on 4mph /6% slip. It worked flawlessly and second gear would pull right to redline without a hiccup with the full power 1st & 2nd box checked. Now on the 93 octane tune with the...
  15. Help finding this part.

    I removed my flex fuel kit and can’t locate the plate that mounts in front of the bracket that connects to the firewall. I found the illustration on , and see the part, but I am having a hard time seeing how to select the individual part to order. Any help appreciated.
  16. Tire pressure when changing to 18's

    I've recently come across some info stating that when changing tire sizes from OEM, you should adjust your tire pressure accordingly. I have been running the oem door jam pressures of 35psi front, 33psi rear. But now I am gathering that I should be running 26psi front, 24psi rear. Just looking...
  17. Phearable stage 2 tune

    Anyone planning to get this? I have a flex fuel kit running a hondata base map, but would have jumped on this a few weeks ago.
  18. Will it rub?

    Currently running 255/40/18 on a 18x9.5 +35 wheel stock height. I know I can get away with lowering on eibach pro kit, but if I want to run a 265/35 tire, will I run into trouble if I lower?