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  1. 2017 Type r Missfire no code(s)

    I've had code P02CF come up on mine recently, small misfire at idle and sputter during partial throttle. Code was injector related. I also tried changing spark plugs and swapping coil packs but issue stayed. I ran a bottle of injector cleaner and it seemed to have helped a little. Waiting to see...
  2. Rub if lowered on eipach pro kit with 255/40/18 +38 offset?

    A friend of mine is running 265 firehawks with swift springs and doesn't rub. I have seen that some brands have a wider sidewall than others.
  3. Help needed to get sunroof working in Type R (I know, sounds nuts..)

    I ended up running a fuse tap from the fuse box to the moonroof. Ended behind a can bus signal issue, had to tap in my door switches so it would know how to operate.
  4. 1.5T Car mechanic from the Honda dealership changes gear before coming to a full stop (CVT)

    Could definitely add super minor wear. Doing this for a long period of time might decrease the longevity of the torque converter in the long run.
  5. 1.5T Car mechanic from the Honda dealership changes gear before coming to a full stop (CVT)

    Not a big deal at all.. What do you think a torque converter is there for? Would like to see how you would of reacted in my place when the dealership installed my brake pads upside down on my Type R :rolleyes:
  6. Anyone know how to do a proper burn out without the front wheels hopping and jumping to avoid breaking the drive train ?

    This guy has it right. Seat belt off with handbrake on then start burnout. Once ready, click in seat belt. It is going to take off the handbrake and you will leave 11s as long as the eye can see :thumbsup:
  7. K Swap

    Definitely doesn't have that extra structural adhesive.. Does seem like it was done by someone who was familiar with them that's for sure but 10th gens are kind of like legos, barely any tools needed for the interior trims. (Which also makes them not fit like they used to when take off)...
  8. K Swap

    I still haven't got that red H on the key fob yet but it is on my list ;) I am more curious about the why was it done, so many ideas in mind yet maybe none of them is the real story.. It does appear to have "every nut and bolt" from the Type R, over 6 months later and still haven't found...
  9. K Swap

    Oh trust me, I was a little confused at first too when I first went to look at it lol And yes, you are right. It does have the FK7 VIN showing its a sport hatchback :)
  10. K Swap

    I had it sitting next to a friend's Type R and other than the sunroof and headliner, there is no difference at all inside or out. I got a very good deal on it!
  11. K Swap

    I whipped up something real quick and added a few pictures
  12. 2018 Civic hatchback Type R swap

    2018 Civic hatchback Type R swap

  13. K Swap

    I might just do that, good idea lol
  14. K Swap

    I can show more proof ? I couldn't believe it myself lol
  15. K Swap

    I'm not joking.. I uploaded a picture earlier showing proof with the sunroof and the type r interior
  16. K Swap

    Definitely going to be alot more common in the future. It has every bits and pieces from one so at this point I don't see the point of having another.
  17. K Swap

    Unfortunately not ? Would of love to be the one to do it, would of been quite the adventure and hard work. I've only had it for a few months now but it has every nut and bolt from a type R, nothing missing.
  18. K Swap

    I bought it already swapped.. The price was right. Anybody in their right mind would of took the deal.
  19. K Swap

    Sorry but I couldn't care less what you think ?‍♂️ I will call it what ever I please :)