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  1. How often do you guys run map 3 on TSP stage 1 tune?

    Digging up an old thread....let's see some updates from the OG posters. Car new Dec 2018. Tuned TSP Stage 1, Map 3 ALWAYS. Clutch slipping by 12k, ACT clutch and single mass flywheel fixed that right nice, amazing clutch kit. Then added PRL Cobra Race MAF CAI, Invidia R400 exhaust and...
  2. KTuner V2 screen comes on while car off

    I am getting some information before I do. I work upwards of 70 hours a week and haven't even looked at this thread in forever. This hasn't been high on my priority list right now due to other priorities. I was also hoping it was something that wasn't going to be an issue...but now it appears...
  3. KTuner V2 screen comes on while car off

    At first I thought it might be that...but it did it with my keys in my house....and I've tried to lock my car from inside and that's always a no go.
  4. KTuner V2 screen comes on while car off

    Mine still turns on to this day. Back when I was a smoker, I would come home after work at night, mix a drink, and then head outside for a smoke. Any by that time, the unit would kick back on, initialize, then it turns back off. So far it hasn't drained my battery....but that could be because...
  5. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    I 100% agree. When LEDs are either not adjusted correctly, or put in housings that are not designed for LEDs, it really causes havoc. I just flash and roll down the window and flip them off. I'm about to put a three foot slim bar up front and start blinding them back....(well, not really, but...
  6. 1 year later.... How is your clutch?

    TSP Stage 1 since 7,000 miles. Started slipping at 13, I've got the ACT clutch/flywheel sitting in my living room, PRL Cobra, Invidia R400 and am debating on whether or not to do dp/fp...then will stick it all on and do a custom dyno tune. Not going to rely on a canned tune with...
  7. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    There was some sort of issue, but that is supposed to be handled by the end of today. I was able to get them on chat and then a salesperson emailed me direct with an invoice.
  8. ACT Organic clutch and flywheel ship Monday!

    Direct. I got the email last night. Man, you got that right!!! My CRX is just amazing. I can't wait to it back into the shop and out of mothball state. Getting ARP headstuds, GSR cams, also considering new ECU to run boost by gear or traction control....then bump the boost up some.
  9. ACT Organic clutch and flywheel ship Monday!

    After months of babying my car Si Coupe, taking it back down to the stock tune trying to make it last...finally. Got the email last night and got my stuff ordered. I can't wait to finally be able to add parts and get it on the dyno.
  10. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    Just ordered my organic. BOOM BABY
  11. remote start for Manual SI

    There are kits designed around manual transmissions. I have one in my boosted 91 CRX Si. It's all about the shut down procedure. I park. take my foot off the break momentarily, then right back on with the clutch in during that time. Then (while in neutral), while brake on, clutch in, set...
  12. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    Lucky man....I have emailed, begged and pleaded to get one for my poor, slipping clutch. I will order one as soon as they release or let people pre-order
  13. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    I emailed last week with no response yet.....
  14. EXEDY CLUTCH Torque ratings not great.

    I have seen more negative about that clutch than positive so I am steering clear of it. It's either great or a nightmare...and I have the luck on the side of nightmare when it comes to these things.
  15. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    Here's an email that I got on 10/31....not looking great....I currently can't run in sport mode due to slippage haha. Trying to baby it till they release...and begging for one early didn't work HAHA. Thank you for reaching out to us. We are actually going to be debuting this product at SEMA...
  16. SI observations from my Lotus Evora owning buddy

    I'm surprised he thought the car cornered flat. I was kinda surprised at the amount of body roll, even in sport mode in the Si. I drove a Subaru BRZ a few months prior to getting the Si and that car felt far flatter...all stock also.
  17. Feature bitch!

    Neat little feature here too....go ahead and toss the keys on the front seat. Get out. shut door. Try to lock it with button. Nope. No more locking keys inside. Also, open your trunk, toss the keys in, shut the trunk. Nope...they're not getting stuck in there either. And I agree with...
  18. The importance of a good Intercooler VS CAI

    Ah, thanks for the clarification. Interesting thread here.
  19. The importance of a good Intercooler VS CAI

    ECT is controlled via your thermostat and should basically run at 179 during all normal operating. The only time I see it drop below that is when I let off the gas to coast downhill IN GEAR. The reasoning behind that is your car shuts down fuel during that action, therefor your...
  20. Exedy Clutch, how much longer?

    Wow....I didn't even think, or even know about the pairing issues involved there! I said it before, and I will say it again....Exedy has missed the mark on this. They could have EASILY taken the majority of the market share had they realized we were all waiting for them to do what they...