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  1. My 2016 EX sedan comparison with my new 2017 EX Hatch

    First a little background, I purchased my 2016 EX sedan 2.0 Nov 12th 2015, I now have over 61,000 miles on it and counting. It's my daily commuter. Last Saturday 9/23/17 I picked up my Aegean Blue EX hatch and it is now my bicycle hauler, long road trip car and backup to my daily commuter. I...
  2. 50,000 and counting

    Bought new 11/12/2015 Racking up the miled
  3. 40,000 miles and counting

    bought new 11-12-15 40,000 today
  4. 12 volt charging systen error message

    This popped up 4 times on my way to work today. Headed to the damn dealer. Also drivers side sun visor clip loose and will not pop back on tight. :what:
  5. Mileage calculations

    How do you calculate your mileage? car computer mileage? Or do you calculate on each fill up? I have noticed about a 1-2 MPG difference at times between the 2 numbers, to the positive and negative.
  6. How many miles do you have on your Civic?

    I picked up my sweet civic on Nov 12th, had it 41 days now and I have 4639 miles on it now. Many more to come. Anyone drive as much or more?
  7. Black EX with Black Wheels

    Upgraded to aftermarket 17 inch wheels: MB wheels Model MB-14 17x7 offset +38 5-114.3 bolt pattern Goodyear Assurance Tires (215/50/17) Kept the wheel/tire overall diameter and circumference as close as possible to stock.
  8. Installed decklid spoiler on 2016 Civic!

    My installed deck lid spolier pics. Install instructions for anyone looking to tackle a DIY - Decklid Spoiler installation instructions for Civic Sedan
  9. Indirect TPMS, I didn't know

    No sensor in the wheels is what I just found out from the guy at Discount tires where I ordered my new tires and wheels!
  10. New 17" rims and tires for my EX

    My EX comes with 16" rims and 215/55r16 tires. I am looking at a set of after market 17" black rims and tires to wrap around them. wheels 17x 7.5 with the bolt pattern of 5x114.3, tires 215/50r17 is what I have found that will match up closely to stock circumference, no need to re-calibrate...
  11. Wing Spoiler Installation Instructions for Civic Sedan

    Wing spoiler installation instruction I got my hands on.
  12. Decklid Spoiler installation instructions for Civic Sedan

    Factory Decklid Spoiler instructions [PDF]
  13. Picking up EX at dealership now. [owner journal]

    At the dealership now. EX Black. Details to follow.