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  1. The End of The CTR?

    My feeling is that 2022 will not feature a CTR. First, the legend of the R is much more important than the actual R. An incremental improvement would not be enough and I think they'd like to skip a generation before doing something dramatically better. The existence of the current gen R is...
  2. Had a Flat

    What made Discount Tire say sidewall was damaged? Could you see bubbling?
  3. Cheaper tire options for a DD?

    I spent $700 for as et of Continental DWS from Discount Tire Direct mounted - monitor sales and rebates and you should never spend $1200 on a set of tires. Cheaping out on tires for a car like this is just a waste.
  4. Cleaning Exhaust Tips?

    I bought some Oven Cleaner that I'm going to try out once I get a minute to wash my car. Also have some 303 metal polish I might try - I thought it was for final pass, but it might cut through the grime too
  5. Yesterday I got a Street Tune and the results are Insane ?

    How is your 0-60 being calculated? GPS? Otherwise, is it compensating for your smaller wheel diameter and the speedo not reading correctly?
  6. Pros and Cons of the Type R

    So true - I was lazily following a Merc and he almost spun out into opposing traffic trying to prove something on a 2 lane back road. Type R is a driver's scalpel. It's so good.
  7. PSA: New high offset forged wheel available

    That's bold - $681 for a made in China "forged" wheel without any specs. I want to see the weight.
  8. Need help . about tire 255 or 265

    Same as Adam's specs, no where close to rubbing.
  9. What are your favorite detailing products?

    S100 Wax - this is the best wax I've used. I'm sure PS100 is slightly better, but I've always preferred the value proposition of S100. Great depth, easy wipe on wipe off, doesn't stain. My go-to Topper. Klasse AIO - Works as advertised Mother's CMX - Shocked at how well this seems to work -...
  10. CTR vs Megane RS vs i30N

    2020 Hot Hatch showdown "The Civic Type R is so accomplished we’re lucky Honda doesn’t charge more for the pleasure. Yes, it has flaws, but you forget them by...
  11. Wait for 2021 CTR?

    Vanity projects tend to get the cold shoulder during a recession.
  12. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    It's conjecture. It's currently closed through April 6. However, if this drags on for longer (and because of the UK's inept handling of the crisis, it likely will), then I could see this dragging on long enough for Honda to wonder if re-opening Swindon just to shut it down at the end of the...
  13. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    Swindon closing for longer than anticipated could mean our FK8's are going to be rarer than previously thought...
  14. Continental DWS 06 to Michelin PS4S

    Just wanted to give perspective on going with a wider tire/rim but still sticking with All-Season vs Summer. If you want a comparison with the 20" stock Contis - the stock Conti's feel sharper. Literally feel like you're driving a laser car on rails. They have better road feel, better turn in...
  15. Continental DWS 06 to Michelin PS4S

    I have no problem recommending you to everyone I know - the guys at your 6214 Charlotte Pike location have earned a loyal customer. Great wheel/tire knowledge, impeccable service, great pricing.
  16. Continental DWS 06 to Michelin PS4S

    Just thought I'd give a quick analysis while it's fresh in my mind. Recently swapped over from Continental DWS 06 All-Seasons to Michelin PS4S in 265/35 R 18 size. Both same size, on my 18x9.5 + 45 offset rims. Traction is night and day. I can stomp it in 2nd gear and have zero wheel spin with...
  17. 2021 Limited Edition FK8 UK Price Confirmed

    How much is MSRP in UK? 32k pounds?
  18. It’s a few days early, but...

    I haven't seen one of these in the mail - is Honda mailing these or dealerships?
  19. What are your complaints with the type R?

    Is this a standard feature? How do you do this?
  20. What are your complaints with the type R?

    Chippy paint, although to be fair my commute now is exposing me more to dump trucks and construction zones Attention from nerds and kids. Fun sometimes, but usually I'm just trying to get on with my day. My boss likes to joke about my "race car." The assumption is that I built my Type R...