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  1. YouTube Vlog

    Shop Life E2!
  2. Install Video?

    What installation video would you like to see on 10th Civic? We've started releasing YouTube vlog every Friday. Here is the latest one. Subforum Vlog Post:
  3. YouTube Vlog

    This Friday's vlog. Enjoy!
  4. Underglow Group Buy?

    Comment if you are interested, and we'll do a group buy
  5. Underglow Group Buy?

    Would you be interested in Underglow Group Buy? If there is enough of interested, we'll get it going. Underglow Kit (LINK)

    we just did a vlog where we connected the battery underneath the hood, pretty straightforward.
  7. YouTube Vlog

    We've started vlogging on our YouTube channel. Any content that you'd like to see? Let us know!
  8. Headlight Start-up Sequence | Blue vs. Non-Blue

    Some of you have asked what is the difference between the blue start-up sequence vs regular non blue. Here are the videos for comparison. Hope this helps. With Blue Start up WITHOUT Blue start up
  9. Blind Spot? and Annoying Glare?

    Curious to see too how is the blind spot with your civic? and how about those annoying headlights? If you have any of these issues, Suma performance mirrors LINK help reduce blind spot and anti-glare. It's one of those mods that you didn't know you needed it until you got it...
  10. Marketplace is full of scammers.

    gotta watch out those scammers!
  11. Suma Performance Side Mirrors

    Yes, you'll need to run the mirror wire to where the turn signal wire is and splice them. Our mirrors come with a kit that includes the additional wires and splicers.
  12. VLAND Promo

    work on both! Just confirmed with VLAND.
  13. Gaz price

    $4.31 i Washington State. Hopefully, it doesn't keep going up....
  14. VLAND Promo

    In stock and ready to ship. Promo 1 weekly. DM us for detail.
  15. VLAND Headlight

    In stock and ready to ship.
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    congrats on your @Suma Performance mirrors!
  17. Just bought a 2021 Type R in Boost Blue!

    Congrats! it's a nice color :)