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  1. How to disconnect LED headlight

    So I bought the UMS sequential garnish lights for my 2020 Si and I can't figure out how to disconnect the headlight wiring so that I can more easily splice/tap the garnish light wiring into the headlight wiring. I watched the Chris Lowpes video from the UMS website but it doesn't show this step...
  2. Nevada Si Parts For Sale (Prices Reduced)

    Have the following Si items for sale: Si rear sway bar, less than 4,000 miles on it (discontinued from Honda) $45 plus shipping Si shift assembly with CTR spring and CTR rocker and Acuity short shifter adapter less than 6,000 miles...
  3. Dream Car

    In responding to the thread "What do you hear people saying about you owning that my wife asked n an Si?", I mentioned that my wife asked me if this was my dream car. i love my Si, but it's not my dream car. So, the questions is, what are your dream cars? As for mine, I'm not going to list every...
  4. Forum member marcopolo is legit

    Feel free to purchase from member marcopolo. Item was exactly as described and shipping was very fast.
  5. Sell or Keep OEM Shift Knob

    I purchased a 27won shift knob from member Marcopolo, and was wondering if those of you who have purchased aftermarket shift knobs kept or sold your OEM one? I plan on keeping the car for 4 years or more.