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  1. Oil change and oil catch can.

    That's your subjective viewpoint. I believe you are wrong. The catch can debate can be found on many forums. There are plenty of members who have been here long enough to know about the relevant details after reading dozens of posts on the subject. Link will remain in sig.
  2. Oil change and oil catch can.

    It's referring to the original post which is still visible above their update. Not sure how you were confused by this. 🤔
  3. what's the fastest you have gone in your 10th gen?

    5 over many times, 6 over once
  4. Oil change and oil catch can.

    Yep, going to be interesting to see the spin on that one.
  5. Oil change and oil catch can.

    PCV will of course result in some build up, but I believe the natural cooking and coking of the oil used for lubrication of the valve is a bigger contributor to the issue. The issue arises because fuel is no longer washing over/past the valves like it did with injection prior to the cylinder...
  6. Oil change and oil catch can.

    Looks like soot to me, but you've already got the catback replaced.... the catback which on the 10th gen Si is pretty much a noisemaker and not a limiting factor in exhaust flow. I guess in the effort of going full bolt on, you went all out. Probably saved some weight, that's something...
  7. Oil change and oil catch can.

    Disagree. Without the catch can the blow by would get cooked off as designed.
  8. Oil change and oil catch can.

    kind of a useless mod
  9. Rolling-PWN - keyfob security issue

    Well.... based on the below - it might be worth considering an aftermarket alarm replacement for the OEM.
  10. L15B Valve adjustment

    hot tub time machine reference checks out
  11. California Prl flex fuel kit+ free tsp stage 2 tune

    price shipped to 08753 ?
  12. New Jersey PRL Catless Downpipe

  13. New Jersey PRL Catless Downpipe

  14. dam electronic parking brake problem!!!!!

    Hopefully that's all the issue was
  15. Instrument Cluster Glitch

    Yep - twice. Turn off the car. Pull the fuse for the radio, wait a bit and replace. Then wait for the system to boot back up. The second time it happened to me the screen and radio were stuck on (annoying volume level too) with zero response from controls. I turned off the car, and they...
  16. 1.5T PRL's V1 vs V2 intercooler image comparison

    v1 is top/v2 is bottom - correct?
  17. LX K20C2 + CTR 6 SPEED

    Would be a hell of a project to watch. If you take it on, MOTEC would likely be the best option for tuning to just avoid the headaches.
  18. New Jersey PRL Catless Downpipe

    I'll start the bidding. $150 and I'll come pick it up.
  19. New to me ‘18 Si Rallye Red 8400 miles

    A few of us have gotten above 50mpg across entire tanks of fuel yielding well over 550 miles. Avoiding boost, shifting early at 2k-2.5k, properly inflated tires, etc.