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  1. Considering parting ways

    So, I've been hard thinking for the past few weeks now that I am full bolt ons, and feel "used to" the power I'm making right now. Part of me really wants to just part out, sell the car, and move onto something economical like a pre-owned CR-Z, so I can save up some money and buy my dream Toyota...
  2. Exhaust Noises after Downpipe / Frontpipe

    So, over the weekend I installed a downpipe and frontpipe. Now, at certain RPM's a loud metallic vibration noise resonates on the backside of my exhaust, like a drone, but it sounds like metal rattling / vibrating. Is this the factory muffler can or the heat shield directly above it vibrating...
  3. Review

    I ordered two sets of taillights for my friend & I's cars. After a few days I realized I had ordered the wrong ones (I wanted blinking/flashing ones, not the regular bright bulbs) , I reached out to them and they had let me know that they already shipped and could not return them. After a few...
  4. J's Racing Shift Boot Ring

    So, I decided I was tired of burning my hands and bought a shift knob, a boot, and the J's Racing Shift Boot ring. Has anybody modified their shift knob / shift boot? I have no idea where to start taking this car apart.
  5. 2019 Civic Si Coupe, what should i expect?

    So, today I'm trading in my 2017 Civic Sport Touring Hatch that i've had for 2 years. I am picking up a red 2019 Civic Si coupe. Anything I should expect from the car when driving it? What are your personal experiences with the Si
  6. New Ducktail Spoiler for FK7 Hatchback USA MADE

    Here's a project I've been working on with Spoiler King in NY. I helped out getting a local test car to get all the fitment down. These are made of high quality Polyurethane and are all made and packaged in the United States. I'm waiting for production #2 in the mail. It arrives Friday, I...
  7. REQUEST : Raceland Coilover Installation CIVIC FK7 HATCHBACK

    As title describes, I need a more detailed tutorial on how to install these. I just need to get them in so my shop can properly adjust and tune suspension to preference.
  8. Raceland Coilovers 2017 Civic Hatchback

    So, I just made the jump and purchased the set of coilovers for $379.00. Just curious to see if anybody has already made the jump and what their thoughts are on them.
  9. 2017 Civic Sport Touring Intake?????

    I want to purchase an intake for my car, I know i'm not going to gain anything from it without a tune. The sole purpose of this purchase is to get my car to make all sorts of whooshy noises for my amusement. What is the best sounding intake that won't break the bank but will also not hydrolock...
  10. So, I rear ended a Hyundai..

    Was rolling about 3-4 mph, bumped a little 06 Accent. My grille is the only part of the car that touched his car. Cracked it on a side, thinking about a replacement. So right now it's OEM Black Sport grille like the broken one, or an aftermarket Type R styled one with better cooling / venting.
  11. OEM Hatchback Sport Front & Rear Emblem

    Have these, minty. I took them off after a month and got my red badges. Will text pictures to anybody, I've cleaned most of the adhesive off. Will part and ship for anything. CONT US ONLY please.
  12. 2017 Sport Touring H/B CVT Flash questions?

    So, I've been doing all the research possible for the Ktuner Flash with the dual mode for my car. I daily this car, so I don't want to destroy my car or void my warranty. What do you think my options are? Just wait it out or buy another ECU and flash that? Again, I REALLY want a little more...