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  1. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2017 EX 2.0 CVT Total tuned time: 4+ years Tuned miles driven: ~21,000 Tuning device(s) used: KTuner Tunes used: Basemap with Stage 2 Throttle, updated to 5300 VTEC when that came out. Fuel used: 93 Additional related mods: RV6 catted downpipe, K&N Intake, DC Sports Strut bar...
  2. 2.0L RV6 Catless vs Catted Downpipe

    I've run catless and catted RV6, the former for about 6 months before exchanging it with RV6 for the catted version. The catless is decidedly better on performance. The zip from 60mph-100mph is wildly better. But the check engine light isn't going to go away no matter what you do with the O2...
  3. CEL after installing RV6 catted DP

    Are you 2.0NA or 1.5L? I've never gotten those codes.
  4. What is more reliable for the long term 2.0L vs 1.5L Turbo

    With 0w-20 oil on modern engines there's no reason to warm up (save turbos). The oil viscosity is already where it needs to be, and takes half a second for the oil pump to coat the valves. That's not to say you should red line a cold engine, either.
  5. Paint Already Flaking/Chipping!

    Not out of warranty. And yeah, my crystal black has a few subtle chips. I bought one of the nail polish style kits and filled the small specks. Seems to polish over virtually undetectable unless you're looking closely. OP's paint flaking like that is complete bullshit though. I'd rage, too...
  6. Left lowbeam headlight not working!

    Stupid HID ballast "blew up", causing my fuse to blow twice until I figured out it wasn't just the fuse. I'm having to run one of the spare 15amp fuses because I popped the spare 10amp. Also swapped back to a stock bulb until I can get a replacement ballast on that side. The cheap ($35 for...
  7. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    Son of a b... I recorded twenty minutes of logs and closed the laptop, but didn't save and the laptop is set to shut down not sleep so l lost it. Dangit. Also, I'm not seeing any available tunes when I connect to my ECU. I'm only able to load my preexisting saved tune that I had. Do I need to...
  8. Is There Any Exhaust For 2.0L FC2? (Sedan)

    The only aftermarket exhaust for the 2.0NA is the Invidia N1.
  9. DIY: Throttle Body Coolant Bypass 2.0

    Exhaust or intake side? Exhaust side you'd probably overload your cooling system, intake side you'd probably increase your IAT.
  10. CVT failure: Details inside

    Not sure if it was Hondata or Ktuner, but scoring (scratching, carving) of the cones was present over 220ftlbs of torque after a day at the track. No scoring occurred at 200ftlbs with the same amount of track time.
  11. Brakes

    You can also do a swap with the Brembo brakes from a Genesis -- you'll need 18" wheels with clearance for the calipers. You'll also need the rotors from a 2018 Nissan Rogue to pair with the calipers. The rotors for the Rogue are significantly cheaper. Details from other post...
  12. New trunk

    Sweet. Yeah, those are definitely slick.
  13. What does your tuned 2.0 beat?

    Any time someone brings up the Odyssey, makes me think of Boostedboiz 700hp K-swapped Rowddyssey.
  14. New trunk

    Doesn't look like they offer it anymore. :(
  15. What does your tuned 2.0 beat?

    Ktuned, high flow RV6 cat, 2.5" custom catback, K&N intake, lighter 18" rims, wider Z rated tires. It's significantly more "zippy" than stock. My wife had the same car for a couple of years until we upgraded her to the CRV, and we kept hers at stock. Acceleration and top-end were quite...
  16. CEL after installing RV6 catted DP

    I need something I can power my laptop with to run Ktuner to get some logs. The battery on my laptop doesn't last for shit when Ktuner is running.
  17. CEL after installing RV6 catted DP

    My CEL is like the best barometer ever. My CEL had been off for a couple of weeks, monstrous clouds came in, I was cruising at 40-45mph, *badink*, CEL on. 10 minutes later it was dumping rain. Temperature around 70ºF.
  18. CEL after installing RV6 catted DP

    The slow response is 0139 code, which means the sensor is too far from the exhaust gasses. I had the catless for about a year and now catted RV6 downpipe for also about a year. Catless I couldn't get the CEL to go away regardless of what I did. With the catted pipe I would get 0139 when I was...
  19. 2.0L RV6 Looking for 2.0L Downpipe BETA Testers

    So... two weeks of no CEL. It was on for about a month then randomly wasn't when I turned on the car. It's been freezing, raining, sunny, all of the above, no flags. *shrug*