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  1. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Installed Eibach Pro Kit and a Whiteline 22mm rear sway bar/accord endlinks this weekend. What a transformation in handling response. Tires gotta go after this winter.
  2. DIY: H&R Springs Civic Hatchback Sport - Review

    Dead thread revival! OP this is the best write up I've ever come across and installed my pro kit in today with zero issue. Thank you sir.
  3. How old are you

    33 here. I think. Yeah, I'm 33.
  4. Could someone decipher/explain this service record entry

    Thanks for the reply. I thought replacing the water pump was odd as well. What does me just buying the car have to do with it being beat on? Just looking to clarify how that was the conclusion you made.
  5. Could someone decipher/explain this service record entry

    Hello all, Looking to see if someone could tell me exactly what happened here: The job is listed as "Motor R&R" which I'm lead to believe means "remove and replace". Looking at the part numbers, it looks like the cylinder head, gasket, and water pump were replaced. Is this a common failure...
  6. Any past hondas anyone's had?! Would love to see them

    Here are the past Hondas I've had. 2005 Si EP3 - mostly stock aside from suspension and wheels/tires. 2009 Si FG2 - Full bolt-ons with custom FlashPro tune, suspension, wheels....this car was a blast and fun to autox...not too mention it sounded like an R1 with that 9K redline. 2006 Si FG2 - all...
  7. New Member Introduction

    Hey there, just curious...did you go with the Acuity stage 1 shift kit? Looks like there are 2 variations and one comes with the short shift adaptor.
  8. New Member Introduction

    Nice! Im not sure if this one was tuned or not. It was definitely modified as It has an Invidia sticker under the hood and I found an AEM decal in the trunk. Previous owner also swapped the side markers but im glad they stayed. Everything was returned to stock at least. I gave it a thorough...
  9. New Member Introduction

    Yes trunk is very small. It did open up quite a bit when the seats were down. I have to transport electronics to/from my office and it was becoming a pain regardless. The Civic dwarfs the 86 even as a coupe. They are extremely fun and responsive cars but didn't really suit me anymore since we...
  10. New Member Introduction

    Thanks! Yea the MPG is insane. I averaged 38.5 on my way to work. Was getting around 26-27 with the 86. Another surprise with the switch was that my insurance went up with the Civic...guessing due to the turbo but not certain. Here are some pictures of the 86.
  11. New Member Introduction

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am very glad to be in an Si again. I have owned an Ep3 and 2 FG2's in the past. A little back story as to how I got here. I traded my 14' Scion FR-S for a 2020 Toyota 86 Hakone Edition. We recently got a dog (much sooner than expected) and it...