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  1. New Clutch

    Echoing Doc above :) You can run RV6 + Stage 1 and OE Throw Out Bearing without additional mods for daily use, no problem. The PRL SS line is optional, and so is KzCMC. I've not experienced lockout myself with this kit, but that's because the tester car here has a KzCMC he got the same time as...
  2. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    Took a bit longer, but here they are! Super excited to announce that Dream Automotive products are now listed on the site and quantities on the site reflect actual quantities I have received in stock for my first bulk order - ready to ship, zero wait time! Of course this also means no high...
  3. Black Friday Deals 2022 - Post them here!

    Here's our current list of Black Friday items! :)
  4. 275/35-18 vs. 265/35-18 Tire

    Would love to see some more 275/35 setups, I'm contemplating that for next season with 18x9.5 +45. Adjusting height won't be an issue with the Ohlins R&T
  5. Let’s Talk Brake Upgrades for Track Use

    Hi Dave, Love seeing this picture after our discussion at my shop! You've thoroughly tested these, Paragon and I can't ask for more :) The hard anodized hats and hardware look perfectly good for the next 16 track days and beyond. I know you're a huge fan of the R5's, but let me know if you'd...
  6. 27WON FK8 Turbocharger Upgrade (The one the forum asked for)

    Just passed 9K miles with the Kuro, it's been super reliable since Day 1 :) Daily driving, 2 track days and 3x autoX events to date. I was hitting 176kmh on the front straights at Toronto Motorsports Park when the car was stock, with the Kuro I've seen it briefly touch 192kmh on the same...
  7. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Love the way it looks now with the RV6 Arms visible 😍
  8. 10th Gen Clutches

    I've got both the ACT and RV6 variants in stock at the moment :) 2x ACT Street 1x ACT Race 2x RV6 + Stage 0 2x RV6 + Stage 1 I had the ACT Street on mine, ACT Race is currently on Shahvan's, and Aneil has the RV6 on his Si. All the kits have held up well to FBO, W1, and W2 turbo setups...
  9. What's your SI looking like today?

    My pleasure man, glad you're seeing the benefits of switching out the stockers! What tires did you go with?
  10. Fbo p600

    7,800 is where stock Valve Springs will begin floating, per 4Piston and PerformNC. Of course it's not recommended to hit that redline or stay near it too often - I've been up to it twice only; once at AutoX trying to hold it in 2nd gear, and once when I was genuinely curious what my new redline...
  11. Fbo p600

    I'm one of the few here to have upgraded the turbo (27WON Kuro), and not touch anything with the fuel system. Managed to put down 406whp when corrected for Dynojet; running Petro-Canada 94, which isn't as good as the 93 offered in the US. Mod List: 27WON Kuro Drop-In Turbo 27WON IC w/Boost...
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Another project! PCI Seat Mount w/Sliders + Recaro Pole Position FIA. Mounting the seat to the PCI kit was pretty easy, it takes more time to actually assemble the mount and rails as it comes in pieces. We only removed the seat belt buckle assembly and sensor from the OEM seat, and mounted it to...
  13. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Tackling some mods that have been put off time after time for over a year now 😵 @fatherpain's write-up definitely came in handy! Bought a second set of control arms so these RV6 parts can be installed and swapped over easier
  14. Need new rotors for the type R

    Thank You! I'll process it shortly, and you should have them by the end of the week :) Here's a recent pic from another customer who got T2's, definitely share some when you get yours on! 🙌
  15. Is Honda Sensing reliable?

    It works beautifully on my FK8, and is a large part of the reason I've put on 20k miles in last year despite having other cars to put daily commuting mileage on. All of our Si's are 2017-18 without Sensing, and my parts hauler is an older Odyssey so whenever I need to go somewhere the CTR is...
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    Thank You brother! We've learned so much modifying all our cars, and friends & customers over the years - the best builds always start from the ground up with tires, wheels, brakes, suspension and going up till its all a well-balanced package 😊
  17. What's your SI looking like today?

    For sure, and don't forget tires especially if you have the stock Goodyear All-Seasons. Firestone Indy500, Continental Extreme Contact Sport, Yokohama Advan V601, and Michelin PS4S are all great street and spirited options with capacity for some HPDE
  18. FK8 Aftermarket Retailers

    We're around :) I test a lot of parts on my own FK8 or with locals before offering them on the site so I can speak to all the mods offered on the site with real world street & track experience
  19. Authorized Dealer + Group Buy Announcement! Paragon Performance FK8 Rotors & Pads

    Hi all, been just over a year so I wanted to get everyone's long-term thoughts :) Feel free to post here, but also if you can leave a review on the appropriate product page that would really help!