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  1. Hybrid Shifter or Acuity Shifter?

    there is no better upgrade for this car than the acuity shifter, i cant say enough good things about this shifter. My fiancé even told me its the best upgrade I've done to much car to date! Yes I let my lady drive my Si whenever she wants to, I taught her how to drive stick in case I'm ever...
  2. Crunching Sound When Shifting?

    i chalk it up to the shifter just needing to be broken in, mine still does it occasionally after 33k miles. but for the most part its super smooth and only really happens when i down shift into 3rd gear.
  3. Someone decided to break my fog lights

    i have the stock ones the morimoto LEDs are nice man, i got the yellow set and put light tint lamix over them. they look great, and are super bright.
  4. Just bought 2020 Si coupe for my son.

    mine was a 95 civic DX coupe with a 115k on it, had it through 6 deer hits and 75k, and sold it with half the bumper missing for $600. it lasted my buddy another 4 year till hid crashed it driving like a moron.
  5. Just bought 2020 Si coupe for my son.

    i tend to think teaching barefoot is easier for the new STICK driver to feel the clutch engagement point. when i taught my fiance i had her do it barefoot in my 2009 civic, she was driving on her own within a week.
  6. WTB Leather center armrest sides and door armrest (sedan)

    more than $20 that is for sure, let us know how they come out. it would be like 15-40 depending on the pieces
  7. WTB Leather center armrest sides and door armrest (sedan)

    just order the leather armrests for the insight from a honda dealer they fit all sedan models.
  8. To replace my sport hatch: Si, sport hatch or Elantra GT?

    for sure go with the SI man, i wouldnt trade mine for any car right now.
  9. Morimoto XB LED Projector Fog Lights Installed in Hatchback

    they are bright on the roads as well, you can see a noticeable difference when you turn the fog lights off/on when driving with the low beams. they make a big improvement over the stock setup.
  10. Warranty Extension Due to COVID-19

    everything is about to open back up real soon, you might as well just drop it at dealership now and avoid getting screwed over.
  11. 2020 Type-R Parts

    lets see some PICS when they come in man
  12. 2020 Type-R Parts

    i hear ya man, i dont have a Type R so im looking for the flat bottom steering wheel. plus i can get the 2020 type r wheel for 258 shipped, instead of 390.
  13. 2020 Type-R Parts

    anybody get the new 2020 Steering wheel yet?
  14. Anyone able to let go of a ktuner?

    check the member classifieds man.
  15. Cutting / opening up existing fake vents on front bumper?

    like how you painted the silver crash bars, i might have to take my vents off and paint those as well to black out the front end better .
  16. What Year, Trim, and miles do you currently have on your Civic?

    17 Si 31938 Miles .......................90% highway
  17. Parking brake causing suspension noise?

    nope never had this issue, my brakes made some noise but after getting them lubed all is quiet again.
  18. O2 sensor CEL keeps coming back!!!!

    my guess would be the AEM intake is the culprit.
  19. Where to find new trunk button?

    id say you got bigger problems, that sounds awful. sounds like you need to dynamat your trunk to avoid further problems. i have a 12 inch sub in my trunk and have zero rattle anywhere. that's more of an earthquake than a rattle!