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  1. WTD to my Civic SI

    you won't need a smog check for a really long time (many many years- 5-10?) keep everything you take off and save. ditto on a house if you can. in HI. not berdo
  2. Who would be interested in a rear seat delete kit for 10th gens?

    i would still want to trim out the back area tho. which is what i think the OP is puting together.
  3. Who would be interested in a rear seat delete kit for 10th gens?

    yep only a 12mm? bolt and 2 tabs to release. assuming the type r is the same, give it a try takes less than 10 min.
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    home made cup holder for long road trips, removes in less than a min. tray removed in console to mount larger device, acuity shifter to relocate shifter knob to a location more to my liking.
  5. N.A. Mods for Civic Si (?)

    Pare is in the PI
  6. Wheel spec too aggressive or no?

    Wondering if weight were put on the suspension, they might tuck in a bit.
  7. 2017 civic lx

    Had a turbo in my lx hatch
  8. What is your preferred downshift method?

    i don't do agressive downshifts and never hardly more than 1 gear or 1000ish rpm so even from 4th to 2nd would be only 2000 rpm, down shifting 2 gears at 4ooo rpm would not be too nasty but it would take you to 6000ish and might push me forward a tad. going one gear down is no biggie unless your...
  9. What is your preferred downshift method?

    I gets no grinding only smooth downshifts, just as smooth as upshifts no extra force needed. If there was, maybe I'd think about it
  10. What is your preferred downshift method?

    no rev match, no heel toe either, never been a reason to, at least not for me
  11. Rodent Wire Damage

    No wire damage I can tell. At first I thought it was just rotten foam (at only 8 months? ). Then I saw the poo poo.
  12. Please identify this shit

    Sawr this today. Something munching in the engine compartment. Don't know if it happened at my house or on a trip to flagsaff. Wires seem untouched, have seen lizard poo look like this size.
  13. Rodent Wire Damage

    found this today
  14. Acuity Short Shifter question

    no motor mount or bushings, don't know how to describe crisp, but feels close to perfect cept when its cold like below 50 and better than any shifter that i've used/had--- 66 chevelle, 66 gto, 65 mustang, wifes 99 miata, and all the toyota trucks.
  15. Acuity Short Shifter question

    Mine feels more precise than my mosin nagant
  16. Jalopnik reviews 2020 Civic HB ST

    The comments a ,It doesn’t handle as though it’s as petite as a Toyota Corolla and the chassis doesn't feel solid is total bullshit. Total crappie review from a real life tool.
  17. Coupe with a body kit

    Sticker was 23+ then add 3k wheels tires, 1.5k leather, the body and lowering no idea, labor gotta be a couple thousand. They have to be thinking 30k