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  1. Side Skirts for 2018 Si Coupe

    You got a link to that subtle window spoiler I like it, very subtle yet makes it look good
  2. Side Skirts for 2018 Si Coupe

    you got a link to those side skirts? and you said you got the sedan version and they fit the coupe ?
  3. On the market for some Adjustable End Links

    Thanks man gonna look them up right now.
  4. On the market for some Adjustable End Links

    I'm currently on the market for some aftermarket end links the are fully adjustable. I can't seem to find the ones that fit my 2018 Honda Civic Si Coupe, could anyone help me find a link that fits our car. I need them cause I just bought BC Coilovers and I might be going a bit low on them so I...
  5. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Bet thank you sir
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Do you remember the website you bought those little plugs where the license plate would normally go ?
  7. Ktuner advice

    You probably don't WOT too much right. I mean I wouldn't either but once in a while would be nice only if its healthy for the car
  8. Ktuner advice

    Cool, I was questionable at first but now I think I'll pull the trigger buy the Ktuner with TSP and run map 2
  9. Ktuner advice

    Question to see if you'd know, is running map 2 as a daily a good idea?
  10. Maperformance exhaust opinion

    Yeah I am on D2 Springs and at first I had it hanging low, till I went over a speed bump and it was yanked off. Broke a V-Band. Took off the exhaust haven't put it on since. :confused:
  11. Maperformance exhaust opinion

    Installing the exhaust is a pain though. Just to say is the resonator always hits the heat shield and if you adjust it not t hit the heat shield, it will hang low so you would have to deal with the resonator hitting the heat shield. edit: and if you have it hit the heat shield the tips wont be...
  12. D2 Lowering Springs with Aftermarket Wheels

    You wont rub, I'm running D2 springs and I ran a 18x9.5 +30

    Whats yur tire size and do you rub at all, im but t run 18x9.5 +22 offset dont know what tire size to run though
  14. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    Honestly does anyone known where I can buy those headlights, I like them better.
  15. Cant decide which mod to do first

    Cool thank you sir, appreciate it.
  16. Cant decide which mod to do first

    If i get a catted downpipe would I need to tune my car like when you get a catless ?
  17. Cant decide which mod to do first

    Yeah thats true Id probably just buy a cancel bung either way so i dont get the light on
  18. Cant decide which mod to do first

    Hey guys! I'm recalling indecisive when it comes to buy new mods/parts for a car. Right now I'm looking into buying either a PRL Cobra intake, Acuity short shifter, or coilovers (which I still don't know what brand to buy. Could someone give me a good idea as to which one I should buy first.