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  1. 2020 Full shifter setup - Anyone?

    Nice!! Man that thing looks good
  2. Hondata Fuel System

    I ran the E30 mix on the base map just to try things out, and quickly found the limits. I don’t usually run the mix, just 91 for around town driving. Eventually I would like to do the full upgrade, but my concern is dealing with smog in Cali, this kit would be a PITA to reverse every 2 years...
  3. Official Polished Metal Metallic Type R Picture Thread

    Thanks much for the kind words🙏🏼! The 57CR actually weren’t even on my list, but I came across a great deal, and they’ve grown on me so much. I’m told the bronze was a special order color too
  4. Hondata Fuel System

    Pump is basically maxed. Here’s my log on E27.
  5. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    02/19 build date, no recall yet.
  6. Viper4Android - Post Your Settings Here

    Thanks! Will give that a try.
  7. Viper4Android - Post Your Settings Here

    Ive got an XML profile on external USB trying to import to the headunit. Import never sees the file
  8. Revisiting the Badge Number - Production Number Correlation Problem

    Excellent work @tinyman392!! Your data analysis speaking of standard deviation and Confidence level reminds me of my work in avionics and predicting satellite beam Tx and Rx values :p
  9. Brake fluid change DIY or bring it to a shop?

    Ive worked on suspension for years, don’t always need a compressor. And yes, I do plan on torquing bolts manually. That’s what a torque wrench is for. The motive power bleeder is a much better, more consistent, and less reliant method for bleeding brakes. You’ve clearly never used one.
  10. Brake fluid change DIY or bring it to a shop?

    Thanks for sharing I’ll check it out. I’ve used the Motive on lots of cars and always had good results.
  11. Brake fluid change DIY or bring it to a shop?

    Care to share any info on it? All you posted was a picture
  12. Brake fluid change DIY or bring it to a shop?

    Save yourself the hassle with pumping the pedal thing. Do it right, use a pressurized power bleeder. Motive Products 0107 Power Pressure Brake and Clutch Bleeder For Ford and Asian Cars and Trucks You’ll need the correct...
  13. Cooling

    By all means, you should totally still track your car, get a feeling for it yourself, and get your own experiences with it. I’m just saying for those who are pushing 10/10th going for PB’s and class wins, the car will overheat. Granted, most of us who are at that level are also tuned and with...
  14. Cooling

    As @Lust has mentioned, for us who’ve tracked, believe us when we say it’s going To overheat lol. There’s no magic sauce they’ve added that is going to stop overheating. Higher flowing grill? Can’t evacuate enough heat. More efficient radiator? Just prolongs the time before heat soak...
  15. BRONZE ONLY wheel Thread post your CTR

    Update from my previous post. Now lowered on Swift Springs.
  16. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    Anyone ever set their rear sway bar to be on uneven holes? I sure as hell never have..
  17. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    Yup, the group is a joke. Pay to play, certainly not “non-profit”. I got banned because I argued against his claim of RV6 “9-way adjustable” sway bar. I’m like dude, the bar has 3 holes, how TF do you claim 9 way. He proceeded to talk down on me as if he knows everything in the universe and I’m...
  18. KOYORAD radiator VS. Spoon VS. Full Race

    Ive got a Koyo and Acuity reverse flow hoses waiting to be installed, and have been in contact about the PWR as well. I’m interested in your group buy for something more substantial, please include me. Bummer to hear about the 2020 radiator, but I also knew it wasn’t going to be an end all...
  19. Tuned after adding HKS intake, intercooler and pipes 404tq 383hp

    thats because he’s a cancerous moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about and just fronts to get more “partners” to pay him to promote products. He banned and blocked me because I questioned his verbiage of “9-way adjustable” sway bar. 🙄 Anyhow - Good to hear your results with a proper...