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  1. Sunglasses Storage?

    I actually made a thread on this not that long ago so the info should still be relevant as far as what's available to purchase.
  2. California legal Intake ?

    If that's your intake, did you have to do a tune to avoid any weird behavior of the engine? Just wondering if it was plug and play.
  3. Exhaust Poll - How Likely Are You to Upgrade?

    Imo the sport exhaust is sexy af and while it doesn't sound like a ricer exhaust it's still music to my ears when I get into the boost. Definitely not going to go through the expense of putting in a new exhaust system as long as this one stays rust/hole free.
  4. Car stolen... Able to track?

    I didn't realize Hondalink had that functionality. That changes things.
  5. Car stolen... Able to track?

    As far as I know these cars do not come with any sort of Lojack from the factory. I wasn't even offered it as an option when I was taken to the financing office so I don't think any sort of tracking can be done unless you added it yourself.
  6. Help on changing engine filter

    Looks like you can use either an 8mm or 5/16 socket.
  7. Car wash scratched my car, how to fix these scratches?

    Hah I cant blame you for not wanting to fork over the extra dough but a touchless wash is definitely the best in between because at least you wont be getting swirls or other scratches but fitting inside it is also important so good luck lol
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I'm jealous, I actually want to add those as well since I'm sticking with carpeted floor mats for the cabin. Gotta save my pennies so I can be cool too haha
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    haha yeah the Honda one honestly seems like the only option for the sport/sport touring models which I may just have to go for. Everywhere else I see says specifically the trunk trays they have are NOT for the sport models which is kind of a bummer because there are a lot of cool options for the...
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    For me I really just want the trunk cargo tray. I don't really live in an area that has crazy amounts of rain, and definitely no snow. So i tend to just keep the carpet mats that come with the car. But I do offroad RC racing on weekends when I feel up for it and I usually keep the cars in the...
  11. 2020 Si HVAC - Windows Fogging Up

    Tbh I was told a some time ago when I owned a G35 that newer AC systems benefit from regular use so this may well be true. That may only refer to keeping the system charged but I have since tended to keep the AC on and just use the temperature knob to keep the cabin comfortable.
  12. Stolen airbag from my 2018 Hatch :(

    My grandpa when he snakes a toilet gets pretty close to that for his time.
  13. Loud noise when A/C is on max

    Now we know to put a weight on any napkins we keep in the glovebox lol
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Good to know about weather tech mats. Though I was sad to see that the Maxpider mats nor many other cargo liners actually fit the sport or sport touring models. That's really the only water-proof mat I wanted for my car too lol
  15. Stolen airbag from my 2018 Hatch :(

    That could be it too. Iirc when my buddy bought his 2016 civic he said he had to enable it as well. And sadly that Civic may end up getting totaled by his insurance once they get a repair estimate. He got rear-ended and pushed into the car ahead of him.
  16. Stolen airbag from my 2018 Hatch :(

    Probably depends on what the dealer changed while it was sitting on their lot. Mine for instance didn't have it enabled from when I left their lot. I had to enable it in the menu. My mom's Pilot was the same way. It has the feature, it just wasn't enabled for some reason from the dealer.
  17. I will never buy a HONDA again!

    You can always just check your dipstick. If it's still light-colored and no shiny bits are in it, then it's probably okay.
  18. Stolen airbag from my 2018 Hatch :(

    I don't think so. I imagine rates vary based on which state you live in as well as your age. For me, I got quotes from progressive, statefarm, and Allstate. All of them were over $2000 a year for the sport touring model because I haven't hit the magic age of 30 yet.
  19. Car wash scratched my car, how to fix these scratches?

    I now take all of my cars to a reputable detailer that hand washes before polishing and waxing. I will never trust my cars to be handled by a machine again. Swirl marks on my old Infiniti took some serious buffing to get back to a nice shine.
  20. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I would definitely like to see what the tune feels like. Perhaps one day I'll get the balls to try to do it myself lol.