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  1. VIDEO: "The Sounds of the 2016 Honda Civic with Turbo Engine Start up, Rev & 450w audio"

    I'm not a fan of all the faux metallic trim adorning the instrument cluster. As far as sound systems go, all I care about is that the Si emits all the right noises from the engine compartment.
  2. Our 2016 Honda Civic Si Coupe preview render images

    Funny you mention the GTI. It's been a slow seller, and with the VW diesel scandal, I can see dealers giving huge incentives. That said, the Civic Si will be very special. I don't even mind if it doesn't have LEDs or comes with a 1.5 turbo, as long as there's a limited-slip diff and decent...
  3. Video: 2016 Civic walk around - interior (with digital gauges) and exterior

    I disagree, but it doesn't really matter. One can find Volkswagen cues in a Bentley if they look closely. If Honda can save a couple bucks in places nobody scrutinizes, I guess it's acceptable.
  4. Video: 2016 Civic walk around - interior (with digital gauges) and exterior

    The power window/lock buttons on the driver's door are exactly the same as my 2007 Accord.
  5. First look 2016 Civic review and price details from press launch

    Even if there is a modest price increase for the LX, it'll be superior to the model it's replacing. For one, it will feature rear disc brakes. Also, I believe automatic climate control will be standard. On a separate note, this car looks fantastic in red.
  6. First look 2016 Civic review and price details from press launch

    Wait, who wrote that press release? It contains a few spelling and grammatical errors. Also, isn't the LX the base model? Apart from that, the front end of the new Civic reminds me of the previous generation Ford Fusion. I guess I'll get over it. Now someone please just drive one!
  7. Spotted 2016 Honda Civic Sedan in White (next to 9th gen coupe)

    I was admittedly one of those people whining about the increase in exterior dimensions, but it doesn't appear that the 10th-gen is that much bigger than its predecessor. Maybe it's the camera angles. In any case, I'm dying to see the sedan in Si trim. Any day now, Honda?
  8. Photo: New Colors and Wheels

    I didn't get it from anywhere, just speculating. Didn't mean to create controversy. :-)
  9. Photo: New Colors and Wheels

    That makes sense. I wish the folks at Honda would give us a morsel of information on the Si.
  10. Photo: New Colors and Wheels

    It looks ginormous, but maybe it will be smaller in real life. I was under the impression that there's an an Si sedan in the works. However, it appears that the Si will be offered in coupe and hatch bodystyles.
  11. 2016 Honda Civic colors (exterior/interior) leaked

    That's a pretty nice palette to choose from. One thing that I'd like to see improved is the paint quality. My dearly departed '11 Si left me sorely disappointed in that department. The front end was riddled with rock chips and assorted scratches, some right down to the bone, er, metal. I'm...
  12. Some more looks at 2016 Honda Civic sedan touring [Video]

    The only hiccup I've witnessed in "Honda History" was the underwhelming 2012 Civic. But even that model was endowed with all the virtues of a Honda. There's no way that the Toyota RAV4 is superior to a CR-V, and the Ridgeline is the Accord of pick-up trucks. Which is a good thing.
  13. 2016 Civic Release Date (last week Oct - first week Nov)

    I'm wondering when Honda will allow the automotive press to drive these new Civics. I'm dying to read about driving impressions from the likes of Car&Driver, Automobile, and Motor Trend.
  14. Detroit reveal photos of 2016 Honda Civic sedan

    I wasn't crazy about this design initially, but it's grown on me considerably. Now I'm really looking forward to the Si sedan. The combination of a torquey turbo engine, buttery smooth 6-speed manual, and legendary Honda quality is too appealing to pass up. I hope they get the sound right. I...
  15. Spotted: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan FULLY Revealed!

    This would've made a great Accord. I'm slightly disappointed, what can I say? Perhaps it'll grow on me.
  16. Official: Invite to 2016 Honda Civic Sedan LA Reveal - Sept. 16

    Ever since we learned of the sedan's official debut, time seems to have slowed somewhat.
  17. 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Interior and Exterior Up-Close!

    The Si should hit the sweet spot. Even the outgoing model, while described as "slow" by Honda bashers, has more than enough to help one lose their license. I'd be happy with 220hp and a healthy amount of torque. You know, like the GTI, minus the repeat visits to the service department.
  18. 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Interior and Exterior Up-Close!

    I hope the Si will still come standard with a limited-slip differential. I can't recall having read anything about that. LED headlights would also be welcome.
  19. 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Interior and Exterior Up-Close!

    I hope those metallic-looking pieces of trim are actually metal, not painted plastic. As for the Si models, I'd be grateful if they didn't have those i-VTEC stickers adorning the sides.