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  1. California Civic Type R Subframe Brace OEM HONDA

    Selling the the brace that comes on type Rs. This bolts to the subframe. It fits all GenX Civics but not the 2.0 unfortunately. OEM honda with two oem honda bolts. I never installed it so its still like new. $28 picked up (Socal) or $33 shipped. Best way to contact is by texting me -...
  2. California F/T (Need Halogen Headlamps)OEM Civic Touring LED Headlights w/ Harness

    Hey guys - I'm selling my Touring headlights. These are OEM Honda and will come with the harness to make em plug and play in your non type r/touring civic. Im looking to get $250 + Your Stock Halogens. I am returning the car back to stock. I am located in Socal. We can arrange a day to swap...
  3. Civic Hatchback 2017 Sport Oil Filter + Cabin Air Filter

    If youre feeling really spendy, get an Amsoil oil filter. I personally never use fram...but I think their upper tier products are decent but not nearly as good as say, mobil 1. Cabin air filters are one and the same...just get oem
  4. Is the 2020 civic sport hatch rear garnish compatible with the 2017 lx hatch?

    The front is a direct swap. The rear garnish will require some cutting of your bumper to fit. There is a thread on here if you do a quick Google search, you'll find it.
  5. Pennsylvania BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers

    how much are you looking for?
  6. California OEM Wireless Car Charger Accessory For Sale

    Wireless charger still available! im open to offers!
  7. California OEM Wireless Car Charger Accessory For Sale

    Footwell lighting sold!
  8. California OEM Wireless Car Charger Accessory For Sale

    Hey guys, I have a few OEM honda accessories I'm looking to sell. I have the OEM Honda Wireless Car charger accessory - comes with everything you need to install the wireless car charger into your Civic. I'm looking to get $200 for that. I also have the OEM footwell lighting in red, looking...
  9. FK7 Lips

    Or buy the mugen front lip.
  10. Texas FS: Sail Panels w/ Stock Tweeters - $30 shipped

    Unfortunately - not the ones OP is selling. The sail pieces are unique to each trim.
  11. Texas FS: Sail Panels w/ Stock Tweeters - $30 shipped

    The sail pieces aren't a one-size fits all fitment. They all vary slightly and you'd need to buy the specific sail trim for your car.
  12. Connecticut Fs civic hatch rubber mats

    are you willing to ship?