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  1. Yep that happened

    Fill up to full then measure how many miles you have driven. Then upon next fill up look at how much gas went in. While not perfect I think it's more accurate than the dash or the infotainment mpg. If you actually observe the two (dash and infotainment guage) they dont read the same which...
  2. Bunch a cvt throwing rods

    I WOT multiple times a day with TPS C % at 100% multiple times per drive. I have plenty of datalogs of it too since I'm always gathering data as I add and switch parts.
  3. 2017 Civic LX CVT Dyno Results

    Uh what.... you must not use the search bar...
  4. KTuner basemaps for 27WON W1 turbo now available

    You do realize you can run the ktuner dual 21psi basemap on it for a bit as long as you arent dogging it. (For non-si models) as obviously Si already have basemaps made. Unless you are etuning, dont install the turbo until you got a date locked in for your dyno tune session.
  5. KTuner basemaps for 27WON W1 turbo now available

    Not sure why you would want to run a basemap on an aftermarket turbo...
  6. Bunch a cvt throwing rods

    Issue is user error and abuse. I'm currently FBO + W1 turbo + e85 blend on a custom tune on mine. Making nearly 300whp. I have yet to blow up my rods or my transmission. *knock on wood*.
  7. 1.5L turbo inlet pipe
  8. 1.5L turbo inlet pipe

    Their guide works in general but a few flawed instructions in their install guide like the wrong socket size listed. Hope you got some different sockets between deep and shallow + different extension sizes because 4 you need to remove are in tight spots and 3 are almost completely out of line...
  9. How far can you push the 1.5L?

    Uh sorry to burst your bubble but the 1.5T does not have the same direct aftermarket parts support like the 1.5T civic. So things like flex fuel kit that PRL or Sirimoto makes will not work on Ktuner as they have not coded for it (my friend with a 1.5t accord emailed them about 1 month back)...
  10. 1.5T CVT Intercooler upgrade

    If you are keeping the stock charge pipes you wont have fitment issues period. It's only when you change the charge pipes you have to get a tiny bit creative.
  11. 2021 TLX gets de-tuned Type R powerplant

    3.0L single turbo (twin scroll) v6. Hopefully it comes with high 300. The regular TLX gets the same powerplant from the RDX and transmission which is why the power is the exact same and will allow it to use the same SH-AWD system. the Type S is probably going to be mid to high 50k and with...
  12. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    If you need it simplified and dumbed down. In that run. 13.482 to do 1/4 mile pass for my car. 13.706 to do a 1/4 mile pass for Myx car. So my car takes less time to do 1/4 of a mile than Myx's car. The slip had my reaction time at 0.643. The slip had Myx reaction time at 0.035. We know...
  13. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    Edward and Joe... Sigh.... this wasnt about racing to see who got to the finish line first. It was about getting the fastest 1/4 mile time. Its called a test and tune session and not bracket racing. Smh... Look at the damn time slips and see the RTs. Do you even race at all or even know...
  14. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    Rofl... keep on smoking that crack pipe. Glad to know you cant read 1/4 mile slips.
  15. 1.5T 27Won Exhaust help

    For stock turbo applications, I recall PRL doing a test when they were doing their down turn and also tested a straight pipe system. They noticed no noticeable power difference on the dyno throughout iirc. Now, big turbo applications hasn't been done but stock turbo no exhaust system...
  16. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    Also this had me thinking... With far less torque than the Si, I'm sure the CVTs would really benefit from smaller and lighter wheels. Less tq needed to push the wheels . Just need some stickier compound to get that traction. Maybe 15x8.5.... lolol
  17. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    Nah in the case of the Si's that were trapping higher than PRL's and My car. Both Eman's and that other black Si were running 15inch slicks. And cecil open starting Wed! I need my damn race maf and then a proper retune with my TIP/fmic/maf all sorted out.
  18. Help: The best diameter DP/FP for my setup

    The interesting thing to look is that the exhaust perhaps might not need changing on a stock turbo making under 275 but could be different when you upgrade the turbo and push 300+. Havent seen any dynos for that.
  19. Help: The best diameter DP/FP for my setup

    Prl 76mm vs 27won 80mm So technically 3inch vs like 3.15. 27won slightly larger albeit only a tiny bit.