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  1. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    When have you last checked your bushings?
  2. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    The stock ones will fail extremely quickly if paired with an aftermarket RSB. They are indeed garbage.
  3. Clutch?

    600$ -900$
  4. Error Code & lost of engine power

    It's like 300$ for a set of new injectors. I'd reccomend replacing them.
  5. Hello from Turkey. help for multimedia

    Strange. I wonder if you where doing something wrong. Mine works flawless
  6. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Mash the gas in a fwd car and it corrects it instantly.
  7. Difference between Si and Hatchback?

    Si has a better fuel system as well as the things stated above. Most importantly it comes with a LSD which alone makes the Si worth it imo. No one likes one wheel spinning.
  8. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    I paid 48$ in Feb. I'd jump on 12$
  9. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Just the brace and two bolts. The threads are sitting there waiting for you on the subframe. Ezpz
  10. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    It's super easy to induce oversteer once the sway bar and endlinks are installed. Lift off the gas and graze the brakes going around a highway exit and the back end loves to come out. You go really fast and simply lifting off the gas in a corner will make the ass end step out. So fun.
  11. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Yes it does. Fits every civic. I confirmed it personally
  12. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

  13. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Yep! I double checked!
  14. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    For sure as far as mods go it's on the cheaper side. But those endlinks where 62$ each in February so seeing 14$ had me do a double take at part number. Crazy
  15. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Wow those have come down in price since I did mine. Yes those are the ones you want!
  16. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    White line 22mm rear away bar with accord end links is the setup I'd reccomend. Any shop with basic tools can install it. It shouldnt cost more than an hours worth of labor. Maybe 50$ Yes a rear away bar makes the backend seems much more responsive. Feels way tighter.
  17. How much do you pay for insurance

    Male 27 clean record. 113$ a month full coverage $500 deductible
  18. For sale: OEM chrome door handles

    They are in great condition. I see them as I'm passing him everytime we race ;).
  19. WTB 17-20 Civic Si Tire

    Id be interested in selling all four of my stock eagle all seasons. They have 6200 miles on them.