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  1. Maintenance Minder for Transmission Fluid

    You can reset all maintenance items or individual ones. It’s in settings > vehicle > maintenance.
  2. Ohio ***Si SEDAN PART OUT***

    Better pic of the rims?
  3. 27WON turbo inlet pipe installed. Today

    Not sure yet, my buddy is always busy and our schedules don’t line up usually. Just trying to find the time to do it is a struggle haha.
  4. Clutch master's twin disc

    Just curious, how’s the street drivability on this thing? Glws btw :thumbsup:
  5. What's your SI looking like today?

    At work after hours.
  6. My new Civic Type R vs my wifes Ford Taurus SHO

    Was it from a dig? If so, makes perfect sense. I’m sure it would be different if you did a higher mph roll. Anyways, cool comparison though. Not often you hear of a race like this. :thumbsup:
  7. W1 turbo dyno

    Yea you do stop and go, freeway and a wot pull each round of logs. Reflash with the revised map, then same thing. You definitely feel the revisions each time which is pretty cool.
  8. W1 turbo dyno

    I couldn’t bring myself to spend $800 on an intercooler. So far is been doing great.
  9. 27won turbo ???

    Like the other guy said, ktuner has some basemaps for the W1 with different bolt ons and fuel. But they are only for the Si. With that being said, they are basemaps, just something to run safely so you can drive it. You should get it tuned.
  10. 27WON turbo inlet pipe installed. Today

    Honestly, a lot faster than before. Could be just my head but to me it feels overall faster. When I get back on the dyno, we’ll see if it did much.
  11. 27WON turbo inlet pipe installed. Today

    Right when I looked at it I was like, yea that’s not gonna work at all. Im just gonna get the little screw ones.
  12. 27WON turbo inlet pipe installed. Today

    Did mine today. I didn’t put any clamps on the vacuum hoses for the BPV but now I think I’m gonna put the clamps from the oem hoses from what you guys are sayin. Not risking it.
  13. What's your SI looking like today?

    27won TIP installed
  14. W1 turbo dyno

    I’ve done more than 8 wot pulls since coming off that dyno. Turbo is perfectly fine.
  15. W1 turbo dyno

    I asked on price for a retune after I install the TIP and he said it won’t be necessary. There’s not a whole lot of recalibration needed.
  16. W1 turbo dyno

    He had me list what I had done and fuel I’m running. It took about 9 revisions before he was happy with it. He also said with what he’s personally seen, I won’t need a retune with the TIP.
  17. W1 turbo dyno

    I would get it. It took me a while to pull the trigger and I’m glad I did. Having DRob etune it also gave me some piece of mind. You can always have normal mode turned way down for reliability and longevity. Oh and I still average 36-38mpg on the highway on 30-35% ethanol.
  18. W1 turbo dyno

    Im sure they’re not safe if you beat on it constantly at those numbers. My normal mode that I will be in 90% of the time made 281/288 around 20-22psi. Also, I think most of it is the early peak toque that the internals don’t like. My torque is fairly low and the curve isn’t crazy compared to...
  19. W1 turbo dyno

    Damn man, I’m more impressed with that haha
  20. W1 turbo dyno

    Didn’t get a chance to do any runs stock. It made 281 on the “conservative” map. I’m sure his dyno reads a little high. He did dyno a stock hellcat and it made 640/620 which is about where they are. In reality it’s probably a little lower to the actual wheels but I’m still happy with it.