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  1. Anyone know what this is?

    That's pretty much how install goes. Don't worry, once you remove it you won't be able to see the holes. If it's used there isn't much you can do. The wires will go down to the bcm which is to the left of the pedals and up, unless it's a keystart. In that case it'll probably go up to the column...
  2. Who else couldn't care less about "infotainment"?

    I can't live without a good infotainment, only because while driving is really the only time I listen to music.
  3. Where to find OEM/ aftermarket spoiler ? or go to a junkyard. I also don't know which listing is which color lol
  4. Help! Can't decide on a color!

    Coupe is for babies
  5. premium amp ?

    Yes it's a true 10 channel and no you won't be able to put the dm-810. Center is used for music and nav voice
  6. 2017 Civic Hatchback LX ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Controls

    From the picture 12v will either be constant or accessory, accessory only being 12 when on. Speed pulse is an MUX wire which means variable voltage. Can high and can low will always add up to 5v, with the high reading a higher voltage but both should add up to 5. Good job!
  7. After Market Headunit for the Premium-Audio-System?

    don't buy it and just wait for some official stuff come out. Personally, as soon as the RR works with our cars I'll be putting this or whatever succeeds it in For premium though, I don't know if we'll have to bypass our amp or not...
  8. How can I switch rear view mirror ball socket mount?

    Nice! Don't have a buddy like that so I broke out the dremel :hmm:
  9. Aftermarket Amp Mounting Locations?

    Tis done, it's my official sub yet, just one I had lying around. What's your accubass settings at?
  10. Car Play in the 2017 LX?

    Yes the Canada lx has car play
  11. How can I switch rear view mirror ball socket mount?

    To think I just used a 1inch extension and cut the sensing cover
  12. Getting switched 12v from opening to closing car with remote

    Don't power the unit off that, use that to trigger a relay.
  13. Amazon Alexa & remote start?

    Only one I know of is Drone Mobile and it won't allow you to remote start it due to safety reasons.
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Mounted my thumper supply, running power wires in the next few days :love:
  15. Installed kicker Hideaway, sub not working

    Did you use the bass knob? Is the crossover set to ~80? Are the gains up at all?
  16. Aftermarket Amp Mounting Locations?

    I was just going to disconnect it. I'm putting this in it in a custom box