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  1. What happened to the Rampage RS-450

    I’ve been stalking this turbo for over a year now and just a few weeks ago they had it listed as “currently unavailable” then today I go on their site to see it’s completely gone without a trace. I’m hoping they just have it off their site because they’re revising it but only time will tell. :cry:
  2. Anyone running the stig spec titan7’s squared?

    Wanting to get some insight on what size spacer I need to run for the rears I know the fronts are 5mm and I’m pretty sure you want 7mm for the rears. Also what brands to order. All I see are bmw spacers and FI has them but made to order and I can’t wait that long.
  3. FS:Socal Invidia R400, Ptp Inlet Pipe Blanket, 1650cc DI injectors

    Will consider shipping on the flex fuel kit and blanket at buyers expense. No shipping on exhaust. Also have a stock wheel with curb rash and flat tire R400 - $850 Prl Flex Fuel Kit - Sold Inlet Pipe Blanket- $180 Stock wheel - $200
  4. Need help! Flex fuel

    Just installed prl’s flex fuel kit on Tuesday (that actually came with the wrong fitting for the hpfp but I made it work) then put 2 gallons of e85 in the car and added the flex fuel capabilities to the 91 octane intercooler base map. Now when I floor it the car will cut throttle or sometimes...
  5. Why does everyone say the Type R is slow?

    I've owned my Type R (Stock) for about 6 months now and have raced a 6th gen SS (stock) , 15 mustang GT (intake & exhaust), and now today Pontiac G8 Gxp (I,H,E). I of course lost to these 3 cars but only by half a car with the GT to about 2 car lengths to the SS the G8 slotting between the 2...