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  1. How many miles do you guys have on your si?

    Just the Hondata +6. Installed around the 6,000 mile mark.
  2. How many miles do you guys have on your si?

    About to turn 30,000! No problems.
  3. Honda to fix fuel dilution issue on 1.5T?

    Sorry i didn't get a number. I couldn't' find it on the Honda site either. Another member reported the recall here as well.
  4. Oil Dilution TSB

    Mine is getting done on Jan 14th. They said it would take 2-3 hours. They change the oil, change a part on the AC unit and do a software update.
  5. Honda to fix fuel dilution issue on 1.5T?

    Made an appointment for A1/2 service for my Si here in Ohio this morning. The receptionist mentioned a recall issued today for this issue. They will replace a part on the AC unit, do a software update and change the oil.
  6. Switch Between Modes vs Sport Mode Always

    Always in sport mode.
  7. My Civic LX and my Fiesta ST

  8. What Was Your First Car?

    71 Duster 340. Bought in 1984. Looked like this one
  9. Civic Si in GS

    Awesome pic das! That thing sticks!
  10. From a 2015 Si to a 2018 Si

    I traded a red 15 SI sedan in on my 17. Pretty much feel the same way. I'm also getting 7-10 more MPG which was a surprise.
  11. CVT or Manual, Change my mind

  12. Who has the highest odometer reading on 1.5t Civic?

    Just turned 20,000 miles. 17 Si bought June of 17.
  13. Potential Buyer: Civic Si Concerns after Reading Through Posts

    I'm about to turn 20K on mine with no issues at all so far.
  14. Porsche sets Nordschleife lap record

  15. How many miles do you guys have on your si?

    18,300. Bought it first week of June 2017. No issues thus far.
  16. The Race I have been waiting for. Si vs Elantra ST

    Some pics/info on the new Veloster.
  17. Any Grievances for the 2018 Civic Si?

    Damn, they don't mark anything down like that where I am.:cry:
  18. Any Grievances for the 2018 Civic Si?

    The Autobahn GTI starts at 35,920. With the DSG it is 37K. Definitely closer to a Type R in price for the loaded models.
  19. Crash costs...

    Cars been in the shop since Monday as they found more damage after taking it apart. It is due to be ready on Tuesday. All of the parts are OEM. I'm now tooling around in a 2018 Chevy Cruise provided by my insurance. It has a start/stop feature which is driving me mad at stoplights. Sunroof got...