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  1. Porsche sets Nordschleife lap record

  2. Crash costs...

    Bumper, inserts and metal beam behind the bumper was $900. Exhaust system was $950 from Honda. Trunk lid will be repaired for 350. One note is that there is no impact absorbing material behind the bumper so I really felt the hit. The car that hit me (2012 Nissan Maxima 3.5SE) had to be towed...
  3. Ford drops a bombshell..

  4. Next generation Ford Focus

    ST looks rather bland IMO in these photos. I can see a bit of Volvo/Mazda3 in some of the models at certain angles.
  5. 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

    Member thoughts? Has some interesting features
  6. Good bye Fiesta ST

    One less choice in this segment...:thumbsdown:
  7. Turn up and enjoy

    Road was closed for filming.
  8. Kia Forte5 SX Test

    A bit pricey. Looks better than the Hyundai version IMO. What do you all think?
  9. Elantra Sport Instrumented Test C&D

    Cons Behind the SI in every performance category. 0-60 6.6 vs 6.3 0-100 17.2 vs 15.9 1/4 mile [email protected] vs [email protected] 60-0 161 vs 159 Skidpad .91 vs .97 Top Speed 131 vs 137 Poor ratings for dead steering and interior quality MPG isn't even close with the Elantra rated at 30/22 8 behind the SI...
  10. Civic top selling car in July

    Overtakes Camry as best selling passenger car.:thumbsup:
  11. Ford Fusion owners

    Might want to check the trunk:confused1: