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  1. California Stock Si Wheels; 5x114.3 18x8 +50

    Hey, Asking $800 obo. I’m getting rid of my stock 2017 Honda Civic Si wheels (specs listed above). Two wheels have a minor curb rash and have about 50k miles on them. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sports 4’s with about 70% thread left. Local pick up only. In the SF Valley. Lmk if you have any...
  2. California 2017 Honda Civic Si Stock Wheels

    Hello, I’m getting rid of my stock 2017 Honda Civic Si wheels. Two wheels have a little curb rash and wheels have about 50k miles on them. Just wheels (no tires) - $700 obo. Located in the San Fernando Valley. 18x8 +50 offsett 5x114.3 bolt pattern Thanks for looking!
  3. California Mishimoto Air Intake 1.5l Si 2017-2020

    Hello, I recently acquired a PRL cai. Looking to see if anyone is interested in my Mishimoto intake??? I have ran it for approximately 10-15k with 0 issues (despite any possible additional heat soak, It did help the cars acceleration and sound). Asking for $150 + shipping (all hardware...
  4. California Stock Si Wheels; 5x114.3 18x8 +50

    Hello, I’m getting rid of my stock 2017 Honda Civic Si wheels (specs listed above). Each wheel has curb rash and wheels have about 50k miles on them. The tires are Nankang NS-25 A/S w/ about 40% thread left. Asking $500 obo. Can ship but will be at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
  5. California Bayson Front Lip

    Hello, Im selling my bayson R front lip for $50 local or $50 + shipping. In good condition, has a few scuff marks here and there. Please visit: to learn more details. Thanks!
  6. California Nokya 2500K Yellow H8 35W

    Hello fellas, I finally upgraded my fogs to LEDs, which is why I’m selling these Nokya halogens for cheap. $10; local pick up preferred in SF Valley. Can ship at buyers expense. They’re a good back up and upgrade over stock halogens. Thanks for looking!
  7. Car Buying Bubble

    I have a coworker who needs to buy a car(manufacturers warranty preferred). He’s been looking at Xgens going over $20k for an LX trim, and then mid $25k for any higher trims. He’s made an appointment to go look at the 11gen to see if he can get it near msrp for the entry level trim.. now my...
  8. California Faux CF Dash Bits

    Hey, I’m selling these faux cf dash trim pieces I bought from Ali Express. They are brand new, with red tape in tact. I’m selling them as they look identical to the fake cf trim we have in our Si’s. I’ll let them all go for $10 and I’ll cover shipping. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. California FS Exedy stage 2 Clutch 2016+ Civic 1.5t

    Hello, Brand new Exedy stage 2 clutch kit (including pressure plate, release bearing, alignment tool) for 2016-20 civic/2017-20 Civic SI. It is brand new. I ended up going with their stage 1 instead. Willing to let it go for cheap, just give me an offer. Brand new they go for $460 before...
  10. Stoptech Rotors/Pads

    I recently confirmed my front brakes are warped. I ended up just buying slotted front rotors from stoptech and their street pads. I’m curious if anyone on here is running these brakes and what they think of them? I considered going with a bbk but I’m not making big power currently or anytime...
  11. SS 2018 Honda Civic Si Project

    Super street finished their FC Honda Civic Si project. I’ve been eager to see what type of clutch they chose, and what type of power figures they finally got out of the car. The numbers are impressive and I liked reading how there was no major trade off going BT, like major lag feel. The clutch...
  12. SoCal Mountain Drive

    Hey ladies n gentlemen, I’m wondering if there are any of us living here in SoCal that go up to the mountains for a cruise/drive on Sundays? If not, would any of you be interested in meeting up early on a Sunday and going up maybe the snake in Mulholland or up Los Angeles crest? If anyone has a...
  13. DDM HID Review

    Hello everyone, recently I purchased a DDM 35W 5500k ultra bulbs HID kit. I originally purchased the 55W 6000K but read further on the reliability of the 55W vs the 35W and decided i didn’t want to deal with replacing bulbs every year or sooner. I emailed DDM and requested a 35W instead with...