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  1. 2017 Civic Hatchback sport garnish (skirt) to type R installation possible?

    looks so good.. to bad I live and sweden and can never find anyone who ships here. so freaking sad.
  2. Rattling noises from the cabin..??

    So recently I have started hearing raddling noices from the inside in the cabin, sometimes there is nothing but then suddenly it can just start. For example the plastic bit at the top of my roof where the lights are, its starting to raddle sometimes and when you hear it one time your brain just...
  3. Debating on what tune!

    Have so many questions about this.. Debating on ktune ror Honda ta, but which one? Help please, here is a few question for you that. Can help me or other noobs about this stuff. _____ 1. Most user friendly? 2. Gives the best and easiest way to change tune, add 2step etc. 3. Give the Most...
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    the payer will give me 50$ back,thats it. so will see what ebay have to say. if they can help me aswell. its from china so its like.. w/e cba waiting 2-3 months again to get a new one. and appereantly it will cost more to send it back. but it didnt cost that much. but still sucks wanted to...
  5. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Bought a new front grill from ebay that I thought look really good. Got it today, it came damaged... Which sucks after waited like a month and also its not even correct assemble which is even worse. Can't send it back either because it will cost more of what I paid for it. Only 85$ but it still...
  6. New wheels.. in loooove

    keep it clean boi, me likey!
  7. New wheels.. in loooove

    The black exhaust tips there aswell looks sexy af :o
  8. New wheels.. in loooove

    ET40 :)
  9. New wheels.. in loooove

    I am sorry, it was 3 AM and I was very tired :( Have added it in the thread. :>
  10. New wheels.. in loooove

    Its still stock on everything. Will lower it very soon. :D
  11. New wheels.. in loooove

    I am sorry for it no information about the wheels/tires! Japan Racing JR11 18x8.5 ET40 - 235/40/18
  12. New wheels.. in loooove

    Just got my new wheels for my baby. Next up Will be putting on my lowering springs. edit: Japan Racing JR11 18x8.5 ET40 - 235/40/18
  13. Tune/mod my civic

    Yup, kinda sucks. but buying mods/tunes 1 part at a time. today I ordered some brand new wheels/tires for my baby. so we will see how that looks! :D
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Ordered some fresh new tires and wheels for my civic. Japan Racing JR11 18x8,5 ET40- 235/40R18. will get htem in a week or two!
  15. Tune/mod my civic

    Will do actually. really want to tune it, and only had the intake for a few weeks so should be easy to resell to someone :) Thanks for the fast reply man! really like the feedback.
  16. Tune/mod my civic

    We have the struggles mah dude.. but I bought from ebay aswell. trying to only find the high rated sellers. but always trying to see if you can find from different shops in europe on their website. think there is a few around europe that sells these stuff. but they might be very expensive.
  17. Tune/mod my civic

    A custom tune would also be probelmatic cus We dont have that kind of things in my town :( so then I either have to buy a new intake which is kinda expensive for me. cus I need to order it from another country. Do you have any good suggestions for me? Im not that good of a car guy. I literally...
  18. Tune/mod my civic

    Got injen short ram intake 2 weeks ago, sounds amazing! and thanks for the good reply! but I was wondering where you guys find these parts. were I live I cant find any sites.. or im just really stupid when I try to search for something :< any suggestions on exhaust system?
  19. Tune/mod my civic

    Eyo civic People. In starting go fix my civic 2018 sportplus with Tiny upgrades now and then and I need your help. Right now, I have only fixed a short-ram intake and gonna lower it soon. Would Love to get some suggestions in were you find your parts. I live in Sweden so for me I have...