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  1. Phearable Tune for the FK8

    Yikes, I’ve ran Costco 93 for a while with no issues on phearable stage 2. It’s rated top tier and always ran strong.
  2. Getting Dyno Tuned

    Looks good! Peak boost you would see while you’re driving on the dash board. I was just curious. I spike 27 hold 26 e tuned by Mike Sweeney
  3. Getting Dyno Tuned

    Nice numbers ! Curious what your peak boost is. Do you have a better graph pic?
  4. Getting Dyno Tuned

    Ah yes if you’re talking about dig races then that makes all the difference. Everything around here happens from roll racing. That’s why i think his clutch will be okay unless he’s drag racing.
  5. Getting Dyno Tuned

    Interesting. I’m bolt on custom tuned and have a couple friends with the MHI upgrade making 515 over a year on stock clutch. I think as long as you don’t lug the engine stock clutch should hold out for a number of years.
  6. Getting Dyno Tuned

    Clutch can handle 370 all day everyday. This isn’t the si forum.
  7. How much whp am I making ?

    See if there’s an aftermarket RMM installed.
  8. New tires making odd humming noise

    Gets better when they wear a bit
  9. How much whp am I making ?

    White smoke? Yikes. I’d get that checked out asap. Whp I’d guess 320-330 on a basemap
  10. Double checking these wheels before I BUY !!

    Awesome. It’ll look great I’m sure of it. I think you said earlier that you’re not lowering it, right ? I don’t have plans to either. My next set of tires will be 275/35
  11. Double checking these wheels before I BUY !!

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see them. What did you mean by not having seen the stock wheels side by side ?
  12. How much whp am I making ?

    If you have a race MAF without being tuned for it, the car would run pretty rough. Anyway you wouldn’t gain any whp over stock with those mods without a tune. The ECU uses torque targets and will adjust to factory ones so you’re likely making what a stock one makes even with those mods without a...
  13. Cruise control not working after steering wheel replacement

    Thanks for reply. Do you know how to remove the controls you mentioned ?
  14. Cruise control not working after steering wheel replacement

    I had the dealer replace my steering wheel recently because the threading was splitting in some areas. They didn’t replace the controls as those were fine. I noticed yesterday though that when pushing the cruise button, the “cruise main” light comes on the dash, but when I press set nothing...
  15. Double checking these wheels before I BUY !!

    All good! Enjoy the new wheels :)
  16. Double checking these wheels before I BUY !!

    I think I gave you the size in an earlier post
  17. Double checking these wheels before I BUY !!

    I got mine from ICB motor sports, but you can literally get them on Amazon way quicker.
  18. Florida heat peeling paint!

    Quick search and
  19. Florida heat peeling paint!

    Which version did you get? It looks like they have many different ones ranging from $300-600. I need one that has a really soft inside and can protect against UV damage and the darn landscapers blowing sand and leaves all over the car. My concern is I will use the car likely twice a week and...