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  1. PIDs for Torque/Torque Pro?

    Has anyone confirmed that ECT2 is PID 0167; Equation C-40 ??
  2. Fk8 extra driver seat adjustment hack

    You ever find torque spec for seat bolts?
  3. Fk8 extra driver seat adjustment hack

    Also what are the OEM bolt material vs the spacer kit bolt material if you know? I read the product description saying the spacers are aluminum
  4. Fk8 extra driver seat adjustment hack

    Nice. Where did you buy the kit?
  5. Fk8 extra driver seat adjustment hack

    so 2 little thin washers each side actually made that much of a difference in the thigh boltster Feel when pressing the clutch?!!
  6. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    I use a direct connect, no Bluetooth or WiFi dongles
  7. Fk8 extra driver seat adjustment hack

    How many washers you use total?
  8. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    Checked my build date on my 2019. Its 11/19. And so far no issues and no recall notices.
  9. proper grille material for EVS style open grille

    Am planning to go this route with my OEM grille in the future. However, I was wondering if there are plastics or right type of material to make a grille for that now open area to minimize radiator damage from pebbles/rocks? I've seen people use screens that they said was purchased from home...
  10. Help me with what to do with Varis hood

    thats why i plan on going all OEM CW color for the hood, no black what so ever. I can only imagine how much water spots from the heat the hood would get
  11. Help me with what to do with Varis hood

    Have you done a top speed run to see if everything is okay? I am deciding whether i should do a hood pin when i get my varis hood
  12. S2000 shift knob installed

    question is does this just screw right on or do I have to buy some parts to make it sit right like a 2020 knob?
  13. Are the Type R seats hurting your back?

    To the OP, I was wondering if these cushion backs will help for short drivers. I find that the thigh area is covered fully by the seat, making it sometimes a little harder to push the clutch down as my bend in my knee has To push a little against the bottom seat cushion. Was thinking that this...
  14. Autel Maxi AP200C?

    I noticed there is a new Autel Device. Has anyone tried the new one for the brake service? I'm thinking its better cause you apparently can use it on multiple makes of cars.
  15. Do other civic models also have water in engine bay issue?

    I will help resolve the issue for you. The water isn't coming THROUGH the scoop. It is going through by the seals around the scoop. I have put HVAC tape ( on the holes that you will see once you...
  16. Paint rubbed off...behind tail light!

    I was gonna use Dr color chip when it gets worst, but my understanding is that it may just rub right through a 2nd time unless we put something to dampen the twilight?
  17. Paint rubbed off...behind tail light!

    So did anybody try putting some type of spacer to prevent this? Perhaps some type of double sided mounting foam tape from Home Depot?