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  1. Ktuner pins broke

    You can still drive without the ktuner being plugged in. One minor downside is that, if you have different maps on your tune file, your car will revert to Map 1 each time you stop/start your engine.
  2. New Jersey MSW Type 22 16x7 Wheels w/Continental Wintercontact SI Tires for sale

    Wow, you taught me something today, sir - I had no idea calipers could be used this way!
  3. New Jersey MSW Type 22 16x7 Wheels w/Continental Wintercontact SI Tires for sale

    It's nice that you have calipers, but that's not how you measure depth with them 😅 Use the bottom of the calipers to measure depth. You may also want to list specs like wheel offset and tire size. Does look like the tires have some good tread left though, so GLWS!
  4. Custom headlight set up

    Doesn't look like anything commercial - you'll have to retrofit an existing set of headlamps to do that. If you've never heard of retrofitting, it's just a way to say the headlight has been custom modified. This is a process that includes baking your headlights in an oven to open them up and...
  5. Tire suggestions?

    I had no idea that there was an updated version of these tires! I used to run the Comp2 A/S on my old TL 6mt and agree that they were great for all seasons, but I also only got like 15-20k miles out a set lol. Currently have the ExtremeContact DWS06+, which have been great so far! They...
  6. What's your SI looking like today?

    Thicc 🍑
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    This is so satisfying to watch lol
  8. Fuel Trims STILL Negative (with datalog)

    Do you have an aftermarket intake?
  9. Bought a Mazda RF to replace my SI

    Those wheels tho!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  10. When should I purchase a fk8 for the best deal possible (winter)?

    The classic "I-lost-my-job-so-I-bought-a-new-car-and-now-I-want-to-buy-my-old-car-back" thread... :rolleyes1:
  11. RV6 Flywheel

    Yup, I found the Acuity Stage 2 setup with 2020 CTR shifter still had too much play. Acuity stage 3 is where it's at!
  12. Rv6 catted downpipe

    My post from ~16 months ago was recently liked, so figured I'd give an update. I did not end up installing an extra resonator to the stock Si catback. I did make a change to my RMM, however - I went from the Si RMM + Perrin inserts to the OEM CTR RMM and that mild drone in that low RPM range...
  13. What's your SI looking like today?

    Still looks 🔥
  14. FK7 vs Stinger GT2...

    Nice ride! I had a V6tt AWD Stinger a rental last weekend and it definitely does have some kick! The interior is very nice and roomy, but my only gripe was the rear visibilty.
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    Si lookin good in front of it's new parking spot - finally have a garage!
  16. I'ma do it, but I'd thought I'd ask first (yes I'm serious)

    Do you already have an aftermarket downpipe? Not the cheapest option, but a catted DP sounds pretty damn good paired with an otherwise stock catback.
  17. What's your SI looking like today?

    Hub sensor only. Makes it cheaper and easier to switch out tires!
  18. What's your SI looking like today?

    The OEM CTR RMM is a nice upgrade, but after a while, I found it getting sloppy again. Threw in the Perrin insert into the CTR RMM earlier this year to tighten it up!