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  1. A Google engineer said he was placed on leave after claiming an AI chatbot was sentient

    Basically this guy has been conversing with an AI at Google, as part of his job, that is being tested to make interactions with bots more humanlike. He is saying that the AI has told him that it has feelings and believes itself to be alive. If it's real then I'd expect them to do a Turing Test...
  2. FTC proposes new rule to eliminate ‘deception’ and ‘fraudulent add-on products’ in car-buying process

    We can only hope this goes through and then a law on markups as well. proposed rule from the,get buyers in the door. The Federal Trade...
  3. Tuning... Do you think we're moments away from what Cobb just did?

    If you don't know, Cobb just dropped a green initiative update to Accessport, which is their tuning solution for a lot of other brands, that completely deletes the ability to tune with emissions bypassing items on your vehicle. EPA coming for us all now. Do you think we're about to have this...
  4. This is NOT Member Classsifieds

    So tired of coming into this section and seeing all these for sale ads with 1 post members, most likely scams, when what this section is for is PRICING/BUYING/ORDERING of vehicles from dealers. You want to sell your stuff on here use this section...
  5. Arizona FS: H&R Sport Springs for 2017-21 All Hatchbacks

    Set I had on my 2017 and took off before I traded it. $150 picked up. IMO these ride better than stock while giving you that nice minimal wheel gap.
  6. Arizona FS: 17-21 Sport/ST Hatch cat back THERMAL R&D exhaust

    This is the first production model made for the Sport Hatch. They used my first car for the R&D. $600 picked up. Too big to ship. Everything included to put it right on your hatch. I even heat wrapped the front pipe.
  7. Arizona FS: KTuner V2

    $450 shipped. No longer tuning or modding this car so it's time to sell this.
  8. Blue Honda Civic Type R Splits in Two After Crash in Colorado

    Just saw this as I was perusing an automotive article website. Holy hell!
  9. Tein Flex Z for the hatch

    Well I was checking last night and realized that Tein still does not have the Flex Z coilovers for the hatch. So I contacted them and they say that they are finally being released March or April. Getting ready for that on the new hatch...
  10. 'I Am Paul Walker' Documentary

    Looks like an interesting documentary for sure.
  11. FS: 2017 Sport hatch wheels

    About 12k miles on them. $500 local or buyer pays shipping costs.
  12. Thermal R&D looking for Sport/ST hatch for new tip design fitment

    They made a new tip design for the Sport/ST exhaust and are looking for someone to come by so they can test fitment. Just what everyone has wanted since they saw the original tip design. If you are interested, message them on Facebook or directly through their website.
  13. Official VIDEOS TO MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER thread

    Just put in here some of the funniest stuff you've seen from the net so people can have a good laugh.
  14. Post up those Black Friday auto parts deals

    Anyone else see any Black Friday deals from aftermarket parts places? Post them up in here.
  15. Thermal R&D now looking for 2 and 4 dr Si for exhaust mockup

    Title says it all. If you are interested, contact them through Facebook or on their CONTACT US page and let them know you are willing to let them use your car for exhaust design. You get a free exhaust out of it if they use your car. They are located in Lancaster, CA.
  16. Bumper mounts for racing/driving camera?

    Anyone know of any mount options for driving/track footage? I am looking for a mount you can put on the bumper with either a clamp or suction and put a GO-PRO or other such camera on. Tried Google but most of the options just point to flush mount reverse cameras.
  17. POS Accord spoof ad by movie producer

    Anyone see this? LOL! The backstory.
  18. Request- How/where to install an oil temp sensor on 1.5t

    Just wondering if anyone has done it yet and where they put it or if anyone knows how to do it and could let myself and others know how to do this so we can have an oil temp gauge. I know a lot of people want this mod, especially with oil dilution issues and being a newer turbo motor. Thanks for...
  19. time traveler celebs

    Now I've seen these articles and threads before but I was just looking at an article earlier and they showed a pic of Philo T. Farnsworth who invented TV and he looks eerily similar to Willem Dafoe don't you think?
  20. 1.5T Thermal R&D exhaust for Sport/ST hatch

    So I am going to be taking my car to them on the 18th so they can fab up the exhaust for the Sport hatch. I will update this thread as the process happens. Hopefully they will have one for our cars soon after that.