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  1. Honda Hack 5.05 one button rear view camera

    The new update came out the other day. Updated 2019.06.22 Open rear camera by one click. Real-time monitoring of battery voltage with voice alarm. Seat belt voice alarm. Show CPU usage, battery voltage in the status bar.
  2. WTB: Weighted oem style Shift Knob with texture (not bare metal)

    WTB: Weighted oem style Shift Knob with texture (not bare metal). Don't want to be burning/freezing my hand with bare metal knobs. Looking for something that has a cover.
  3. FlashProManager V3.1.2-1.5T Anti-Lag (CVT rolling anti-lag), 2018 pairing, Si Ethanol Boost table

    V3.1.2 (17 Aug 2018) FlashPro firmware updated to version 143 [2015-2017 FK2 Civic Type R] Fixed torque limit [2015-2017 FK2 Civic Type R] Added support for U04 ECU [2017 FK8 Civic Type R] Changed P0101 disable to include P0103, changed to a checkbox [2007-2012 RDX] Changed maximum AFM voltage...
  4. Hondata mobile app v1.4 download from their link
  5. FlashProManager V3.1.0 - rolling anti-lag, custom 27Won turbo calibrations.....

    V3.1.0 (3 July 2018) FlashPro firmware updated to version 139 [2017+ Civic Type R] Fixed Jailbreak status showing 'no' with jailbroken ECU [2017+ Civic Type R] Added full throttle shift [2017+ Civic Type R] Added launch and rolling anti-lag [2017+ Civic Type R] Added support for 5BF-N02...
  6. Let's see dem racks

    Show me your racks! My setup: Yakima w/ 48" round bar Yakima JayLow
  7. Rooted Stock headunit- What's your setup (apps)

    What's your setup? I just did this to a 2018 Civic Si. The headunit has a really slow CPU/GPU. So you can't install certain apps or have too many. It will make your headunit run really slow. Video Player: MX Player 1.7.26 with custom codec to support AC3/DTS (This player will play everything...
  8. FlashPro V2.9.5 - Anti-lag launch , updated scramble mode, Type R added

    V2.9.5 (30 March 2018) • FlashPro firmware updated to version 130 • [2017+ Civic Si] Modified scramble feature, fixed adjustable launch control, fixed Hondata mode parameter not showing, and added new anti-lag feature in rev limits • [2016+ Turbo Civic] Added support for 5AN-J11 - Japan •...
  9. 15% off everything on EBay 3/20/18

    good time to buy some aftermarket parts
  10. FlashPro update V2.9.4 - [2017+ Civic Si] Added scramble feature

    Change History V2.9.4 (28 February 2018) · FlashPro firmware updated to version 129 · [2018+ Turbo Accord 2.0] Revised MT calibrations and new Stage 2 AT calibration · [2018+ Turbo Accord 2.0] Fixed touring model Hondata mode function · [2017+ Civic Si] Added scramble feature Scramble...
  11. SOLD

  12. VTEC Academy - Type R Tech Inspection

    Just a fun video on them taking the engine out of the Type R.
  13. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    Parts List: 1. Wires ( ) 2. Shrink tubes ( ) 3. Add a circuit fuse ( ) 4. Wire sleeve or loom ( ) 4. Fuel fittings/lines ( see below for options ) 5. Plug for ECT2 ( optional -...
  14. FlashProManager V2.8.6 Flex Fuel support for Si, Few datalogging chans added

    V2.8.6 (13 November 2017) FlashPro firmware updated to version 124 Improved translation. [2006 Si/FN2][2012 Si][2016+ Turbo Civic] Added datalogging of wheel speeds. [2016+ Turbo Civic] Added datalogging of steering, brake and clutch position. [2017 Civic Si] Added flex fuel tuning capability...
  15. First dealership to offer Hondata reflash!

    If you're in the Marion, IL area be sure to stop by Ike Honda! They are now an authorized #Hondata dealer offering a reflash. For more info give them a call or stop by their location.
  16. swapping in a Si cluster in a non Si

    Anyone have access to a Si and non Si to see if the cluster will be interchangeable and functional. Mainly curious to see if the digital boost gauge works
  17. adding extensions to file attachment

    is it possible to add more extensions to be accepted on file attachment .fpcal for FlashPro calibration .fpdl for FlashPro datalogs .kdlg for KTuner datalogs .kcl for KTuner calibrations
  18. CVT TQ tables (more boost) and Boost by Gear - FlashProManager 2.8.3 -

    FlashPro firmware updated to version 121 [2017 CRV] Added support for 5PA-C65 Canada [2016-2017 Turbo Civic] Added boost by gear limit table Note that CVT transmissions will be damaged by either 'power braking' at any torque level (holding the vehicle on the brake while opening the throttle...