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  1. WTB: White Acuity INSULATED ESCO Shift Knob

    I’ve almost convinced myself that it is never coming. They haven’t even released a new product in like 6 months.
  2. High mileage L15B7 200k

    Meh. Oil changes are less than the cost of 10 gallons of gas on this car.
  3. High mileage L15B7 200k

    Between work and my personal vehicle, ive driven close to 70,000 miles a year for the last 5 years. It absolutely destroys you mentally and physically. I cant imagine driving over 100k miles.
  4. 1st gear humming sound.

    Is it like the reverse gear whine?
  5. Replace the rotors at 37k?

    yes they are compatible
  6. Replace the rotors at 37k?

    Sounds like theyre just trying to run you up.
  7. Is The Clutch Really The Weak Link?

    No, we’re talking about the same thing. But, that is not a stock clutch. That is an aftermarket assembly with a single mass flywheel and sprung clutch disc.
  8. Is The Clutch Really The Weak Link?

    There are no springs on the clutch disc. I have one in a box in my storage unit.
  9. Is The Clutch Really The Weak Link?

    Well the clutch itself is actually very light and tiny. The springs that dampen the hard shock is in the flywheel rather than the clutch disc itself. The flywheel is a freakin 52 pound anchor, it’s nuts. i’d say it’s the entire clutch assembly that was not meant to take the huge torque gain...
  10. Snow tires for speeds up to 140 mph

    Michelin high performance tires are all probably capable of the highest speed ratings, no?
  11. Snow tires for speeds up to 140 mph

    How’s the fuel economy cruising at 140 mph? I’d imagine a pebble could do major damage to a civic at 140mph… I don’t even want to do over 110 in my Si. But then again, those speeds would put me in jail if I got caught.
  12. Snow tires for speeds up to 140 mph

    Tell us why you need to be able to reach speeds of 140 mph in the winter. Actually, tell us why you need to reach 140 mph in a Honda civic.
  13. Si Coupe Seat Height

    if the car didnt come with the sun roof, i feel like we woulda had another 2 inches of head space. I’m 5’11” and my head will brush the headliner with a hat on.
  14. Fog lights honeycomb grill

    The safest way is to remove the bumper cover completely and work from the back so you can see exactly where the clips are and poke at the clips in the right spot. But it should just pop out by prying in the right spots.
  15. Brake pads and transmission oil

    The OEM rotors will warp fairly easy if you get them too hot. I had to change my rotors out when i did my brake job at 80k miles. At that point I was getting some very noticeable shaking when lightly braking at speed.
  16. Need help! Dark fluid on bottom of trans/axle

    Dealership should replace it under warranty, no questions. My dealership didn’t even argue. Show your dealer the picture you’ve posted here.
  17. New Strut Needed at Less than 30k miles? + Warranty Questions

    Previous owner probably hit something or railed speedbumps every day at work or home.
  18. Brake pads and transmission oil

    I trust the OEM transmission fluid and just change it every 30k miles. Others will argue that the Honda Genuine fluid is piss water and you need Amsoil or GM synchromesh. I guess there is no way to definitively say if going to a non-OEM fluid will do your transmission harm. But it will affect...
  19. Brake pads and transmission oil

    I don’t think the oem brake pads leave that much dust? They last a long time as well. At least, that’s how i feel for daily driving. They do fade fast if the car is pushed hard on a windy road for more than a few minutes. I also clean my wheels when I do a tire rotation myself. A lot of...
  20. Need help! Dark fluid on bottom of trans/axle

    It is coming from that support bearing inside the bracket that the grease is on. It loses the dust shield/boot that keeps dirt out of it, then gets hot and starts oozing green grease. I had my passenger side half shaft replaced on my 2017 for this reason. Less than 10k miles later it started...