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  1. Exhaust fitment question

    Oh yeah, Magnaflow makes a quality exhaust, and the one on my friend’s hatchback has a nice sound to it.
  2. Exhaust fitment question

    Hey CavCat, just got done talking to my friend. He said he used a Magnaflow sedan exhaust, not the coupe. The coupe is about 1,25” shorter than the hatchback, so it still may work, but just to clarify what my friend said, he used a sedan exhaust, and had to shorten the tips. I’d suggest you take...
  3. Exhaust fitment question

    Hatchback has a shorter rear, so you don't need to extend it. If anything, the tips are going to stick out past your bumper about 3". Looks like a magnaflow exhaust, a friend has one installed on his hatchback, he had to bend and relocate the hanger, other than that it fit ok. He also cut...
  4. A VW Jetta

    So the mods will delete a "where do you keep your pistol in a civic" as being "off topic", but leave this thread here? Uhmmm, yeah.
  5. OEM Hatchback Sport Exhaust Diameter?

    So I measured my neighbor’s 2018 Sport Hatchback exhaust, using a Starret caliper. The exhaust system appears to be metric in size, starting off at 55mm (2.165”) right after the front pipe, quickly tapering down to 50mm (1.968”) until it splits into the two pipes leading to the mufflers...
  6. OEM Hatchback Sport Exhaust Diameter?

    I'll check that area later today after work for the exact size. For what it's worth, at the local Honda dealer I know of a few of the mechanics there that are running aftermarket exhausts on their personal Civics. I asked the tech writer if I did the same would it affect the warranty, he said...
  7. OEM Hatchback Sport Exhaust Diameter?

    Are you talking about the section after the front pipe? It's a tapered system, not just one size end to end. I'll take more exacting measurements after work today if you want, but from rough memory it goes from about 2.125" at it's largest and necks down to about 1.875" right at the muffler...
  8. covid 19 gas mileage

    Mine has remained relatively unchanged, doing mostly freeway driving to work every day. Traffic volume is about 35% less than normal, with the number of idiot drivers being about 110% the usual amount.
  9. Best FK7 Coilovers

    I went with a set you haven't listed, HKS Hipermax GT IV. Zero issues with them. Made in Japan quality as opposed to chinese manufactured ones.
  10. Sway Bar/Strut tower Installation

    Don't need it with a strut bar, and in most cases you won't have enough thread left trying to install both the plate and the strut bar.
  11. Non sport exhaust

    Exactly what are you looking for? There's a few companies that make non-sport hatchback exhausts, unfortunately only one of them is outside of Asia if you don't want to deal with higher shipping costs. Prodrager, JTC Titanium, and HKS all make a similar dual center exhaust for the non-sport, I...
  12. Trying to make Honda my brand

    You might want to try the 8th gen civic forum for future questions, You'll get more responses than from the 10th gen civic forum. Supplied photo doesn't look to bad, if you go with a PDR fix I had a similar dent which cost about $300 to fix.
  13. Pro Car Studio front lip, did yours look like this?

    More or less.... leaving it out in the sun helped, but didn't remove all the warping and twists, I had to use a heat gun. Even then, if I look hard enough, there's still some minor twisting along the leading edge of the lip after installation.
  14. Hatchback Strut Bar

    Running an Ultra Racing strut, in everyday driving the difference has been: 1) I had a rattle coming from the right A pillar area. That's gone away since installing the strut. 2) When driving on heavily grooved freeways, the car would exhibit tramlining, where I seemed to be doing minute...
  15. 2019 civic hatch, exterior costmetic appearance w/o benefit to performance

    Perfectly legal to tint the front side windows. 88% if there's no factory tint, or a combined total of 70% if there's a factory tint. Front windshield can have the top 4" tinted. Also if you have a doctor provide a medical exemption, all windows can be tinted, 50% front windshield, 20% for all...
  16. Civic Hatchback Ex/LX exhaust

    The frustrating part is the American companies can't even be bothered to adapt their sedan cat back exhaust to the non-sport hatchback. Blox came close, if you don't mind a single offset exhaust. The tip on the hatchback sticks out too much in my opinion, though. A friend adapted a Magnaflow...
  17. Civic Hatchback Ex/LX exhaust

    Yeah, it's frustrating how the American vendors seem to think nobody ever modifies a non-sport, SI or CTR exhaust, while the market is thriving in Asia. I went with the ProDrager center exhaust conversion myself, high quality workmanship. But to your original question, there's something...
  18. 2020 Hatchback Rear Diffuser

    Probably the SI sedan, they pretty much used the hatch bumper.

    Speculation on my part since I don't have personal experience with the product, but typically there's enough difference between the sedan and the hatchback's exhaust that it's not quite a "1 size fits all" kind of product. A friend who used the Magnaflow sedan exhaust on his FK7 had to modify...
  20. Which shifter?

    It’s a direct replacement for your SI shifter. Only if you try and add a short shift adapter to shorten the CTR shifter even more will it make the angle of the cable angled enough to cause issues.