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  1. Sorta wanted to set this Si on fire...

    Maybe he just really likes Christmas.
  2. Sorta wanted to set this Si on fire...

    I guess at least it's not hellaflush (is that still a thing?).
  3. Is my 2016 Civic EX-T Totaled?

    Definitely totaled. The unibody frame is clearly compromised and will cost a fortune to fix. It looks like the car held up quite well for 40-50mph. Then again, a Corolla isn't exactly a very large car...glad you didn't get hit by an SUV or truck. Would have been a lot worse.
  4. $4,530 for 0.5 liter?

    Sure they could make it standard, but then the price of the car would go up. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Also, why would a company waste money and make the stalks illuminated when you can hardly see it behind the steering wheel?
  5. $4,530 for 0.5 liter?

    What I didn't see you say is "area under the curve", which is what the vast majority of people care about because that's what they can feel. And what is "speed"? Top speed? Acceleration from a dig? Acceleration from 40-80?
  6. $4,530 for 0.5 liter?

    Depends on how you measure the power. It may be down on *peak* horsepower, but it has a lot more torque down low where you actually use it everyday, so for driving on the street it feels much more powerful. Not as much at the top-end, but 99% of Accord buyers would probably prefer the current setup.
  7. $4,530 for 0.5 liter?

    Economies of scale, and yes that's what it looks like they're planning on doing. The 1.5T is being used in the Civic, CRV, and Accord now, which are their three top-selling cars. I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see the 2.0T replace the J35 in the Pilot, Odyssey, and Acuras, as well as the...
  8. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    Not really. It's a pure drag car. An automatic is faster in a straight line. It makes all the sense in the world for it to be automatic only.
  9. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    FYI the Demon is automatic only ;).
  10. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    It's a shrinking market. Plus once EVs replace ICE cars, there will definitely be no more manuals (or automatics for that matter).
  11. $4,530 for 0.5 liter?

    Apparently all that is stuff is "minimal". It's amazing the mental gymnastics that people will go through just to rationalize or justify their purchasing decisions.
  12. $4,530 for 0.5 liter?

    You insinuated that they left the 2.0T out of the Si because it would make the car cost $4500 more. My point is it doesn't necessarily need to cost that much because that's anywhere close to the actual cost to Honda to put that motor into the car. The reason I referenced the cost to build a...
  13. $4,530 for 0.5 liter?

    You're assuming that the only difference is the engine. Secondly, you're assuming that Honda uses "cost plus" pricing, which I can assuredly tell you that's not what they use. It's what they believe customers are willing to pay. For some context, do you know how much it costs Toyota to build a...
  14. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    Don't worry, he's at that age where he thinks he has everything figured out. He'll grow out of it (I hope).
  15. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    Textbook example of a red herring. Of course they're different (literally), but they compete in the same segment, so it's entirely relevant, kid.
  16. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    Well, we won't know until they actually do it, which they will sooner or later. What makes the Si any different from cars like the GTI, Cooper S, WRX, Abarth, FRS/BRZ, etc? They all appeal to similar demographics, so it's not a stretch to imagine that it could be a NPV positive project, like it...
  17. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    Your reasoning was that a car that has "less comfort features and rides stiffer" wouldn't appeal to people who would get an automatic. The cars I listed are even less comfortable and even stiffer than the Si, yet they all have automatic options, so it would appear your assertion has more than a...
  18. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    I don't know either; I think I misread a post ;).
  19. Civic Si with 8 Speed DCT - Who would buy one?

    Whoa, your coupe has 4 doors?