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  1. New Jersey MSW Type 22 16x7 Wheels w/Continental Wintercontact SI Tires for sale

    No prob man. There are tons of little things about calipers that are fascinating. Like the jaws have little relief cutouts for burrs.
  2. New Jersey MSW Type 22 16x7 Wheels w/Continental Wintercontact SI Tires for sale

    Good point. I'll update the post. Appreciate the advice but in my 20 years of engineering experience, I've always used it in the way shown. The depth gage side (which you're thinking of) is used for measuring holes and the like. The side I'm using, which is the backside, is called the stepped...
  3. New Jersey MSW Type 22 16x7 Wheels w/Continental Wintercontact SI Tires for sale

    These wheels fit the 10th and 11th Civics. Offset is +45mm, tires are 215/55R16. They have 2 winters on them (1/4" thread depth) and have been sitting in storage since I got rid of the Civic for a Mazda. 1 of the wheels has some peeling paint, see pics. Asking $550 for the set in the NYC/NJ...
  4. Goodbye Honda family!

    Hooooly crap. That price is whack. We paid $44k and $47k for ours, respectively. If we safely assume they're each worth $22k in 5 years, then we would've paid $47k for 5 years of use, or $391 a month, which reasonably is what your lease is. $670 is way too much.
  5. Goodbye Honda family!

    How much are they leasing for?
  6. Goodbye Honda family!

    Where do u live? There's a list of dealers on Reddit with no mark-up. We got ours with no mark-up. The sales person said the lower level trims had markups but no one was buying the high level trims (prices too close to luxury brands) so they didn't put markups on them.
  7. Goodbye Honda family!

    Hahaha, why would they do that if he's still moving cars anyway.
  8. Goodbye Honda family!

    Sweet ride, I really want to get a hybrid next time. My first tank in the turbo got 20mpg lol.
  9. Goodbye Honda family!

    How did u get a car that the system marked as already sold?
  10. Goodbye Honda family!

    It's more so because we tend to switch cars a lot and it's just easier. Also, we both happened to have cars we love. That RAV4 hybrid is sweet. We were looking at those but between the $4000 markups and 4-8 week lead times, it was a tough sell. We did the math and the CX-50 is $2500 a year extra...
  11. Goodbye Honda family!

    Haven't posted here in a while as life has taken us in a whole new direction with the introduction of a small fussy crybaby into our lives. We needed the extra room and safety of a car that wasn't at eye level with every other SUV around here. My wife and I got really good trade in offers for...
  12. Have you noticed any Carbon Build-up with the 1.5T engines
  13. 2017 hatch back rear weather seal already falling apart

    Does anyone know the part # of the weather strip around the inside of the rear hatch? Mine is already falling apart.
  14. weight/cargo restrictions

    There are engineering safety factors that are several times beyond the rated limits. On something completely stationary, like a table holding something up, it'll usually be 2x. Moving components, like a car, I wouldn't be surprised if it were 3-4x. Elevators are like 8-10x.
  15. Luno Life Air Mattress 2.0

    If the hatcback's rockin, don't take pics, perv!
  16. Unpaved roads???

    There's a hiking trailhead that's like about 12 miles in from the main road. I go through it 5-6 times a year. Some sections are rocky, some have gigantic potholes that you have to cross diagonally, but most of the time just bumpy washboard. And what I've found is that going faster is less bumpy...
  17. Key Fob lost somewhere in the car

    Could be under the carpet too. Check anywhere where the carpet is lifted.
  18. What are the items that need to be lubricated?

    Sweeeeet! Thank u! My baby's gonna get so much lube...
  19. What are the items that need to be lubricated?

    I've had a car brought to the dealership and they charged for "chassis" lubrication and even charged for the part # of the grease used. I am about 2000% sure they didn't do squat.
  20. Civic Rear Trunk area gaps.

    I can tell you, this happens ALL the time. When you churn out 1 million cars a year and allowing a larger panel gap saves 5 minutes of tweaking per vehicle, that's 80k hours at a burden rate of $40/hr saves $3 million a year. If you combine that with replacing screws with push clips. Taking a...