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  1. Honda R&D officer says 2.0L turbo VTEC launches next March for U.S.!

    Agreed, 2.0T looks like a lock :thumbsup: But the date to me seems much less like speculation now that the chief technology officer at Honda R&D said that the engine is coming to the Civic in March. Seems like we should expect the Si to launch Spring 2016. :bow:
  2. Latest 2017 Civic Si speculation from HondaPro Jason

    Exactly. These are not official and not confirmed by anyone at Honda. It's his speculations as well. And that's a real big date range to hedge his bets against :) I think I'm just hoping that the timing is wrong and it comes earlier, like Summer 2016.
  3. Latest 2017 Civic Si speculation from HondaPro Jason

    Well this could be talking bout the standard non-Si models with 1.5L turbo. The Si could still get the 2.0L Turbo as latest rumors are all saying. :headbang: It's never really been in doubt that the Si would get a manual, but I'm still hoping that the Si gets an additional transmission option
  4. Si Pricing thought

    Even 3-4 pounds light wheels makes a difference on the butt dyno. I'm with the guys that think the Si will carry an equipment level similar to the EX-T model, but not as optioned out as the Touring.
  5. Black EX with Black Wheels

    The silver trim above the doors adds a hint of luxury to the sedan, I think it works really well. They should offer a blacked out version for the coupe IMO.
  6. Civic Si timing now that coupe won't launch until March?

    Some info or teaser at least does feel kinda overdue now... Or at least parade around a prototype so we can see some spy pics.
  7. Our 2017 Civic Type R hatchback preview based on spy photos

    They're not going to change the body design at this point since the standard hatchback is going to be revealed in March probably. And the photoshop was based directly on a clear image of the prototype so this should be very close to what the CivicX 2017 Type R will look like. I do miss the wedge...
  8. 2016 Touring is Too Powerful, I'm Not Getting My High MPG

    Lol there are many cars that could beat a Civic from a light. I think the point is it's been a while since a regular Civic (not Si or Type R) has been described as anything close to speedy, fast, or good acceleration. You're basically getting the last generation Si's acceleration for the price...
  9. Imagine if the Si got the current Type R 2.0T and the new Type R got AWD and a 2.4T from outgoing Si

    Type R or Type S ILX could be a fun car paired with the DCT. But a 2016 Civic sedan Type R with DCT would perform better and be even better looking. :love:
  10. Now that the Si and Type R are both available...

    Fair point but tuning suspension/chassis settings and offering already existing transmissions to adapt for US market is easier, less costly, and less costly than bringing Type R in a new body style. But I agree, Europe tends to get cooler cars. We sometimes get nerfed versions or not at all.
  11. 2016 Civic Coupe vs outgoing 9th Gen Coupe comparison

    Exactly. The Civic X could looks like it's wearing a body kit already in stock form. The coupe will need 18 inch wheels to look proportionally good. Wonder if there will be 18" accessory wheels eventually. I think with the more substantial looking coupe and sedan bodies they need 18's, and also...
  12. Now that the Si and Type R are both available...

    The Si may get a bit more mainstream from getting an auto transmission but otherwise I think they'll position it the same relative to the standard models. The Type R is tougher to predict since this is the first time they'll introduce it to the US market, which will likely be its biggest...
  13. Will the Civic Si get phased out?

    Of course a 2.0T will fit. The engine compartment looks tight in the pics but a 2.0L NA engine already fits so no reason a 2.0L turbo engine won't fit.
  14. A look at how faithful 2016 Civic Coupe is to the Concept

    Call me nuts but I think the production coupe might look better from the side than the concept. With the production bumpers it actually has tighter looking overhangs and looks more compact overall.
  15. Waiting List for 2017 Civic Type R

    Did they say how many are already on their list? If anyone decides to get on a list with a deposit, just remember to make sure it's a refundable deposit.
  16. De-chromed '16 Civic coupe

    Call me crazy but the chrome stuff has started to grow on me. I probably still prefer a black chrome but the silver chrome doesn't look as bad to me anymore. Maybe it's just the coupe's great styling making it look better?
  17. Questioning Both Coupe and Sedan Si Variants

    Cannibalization is only bad (from Honda's perspective) if it leads to less sales and profit. Making more versions of each body type like an Si hatch and Type R coupe can only lead to more sales overall and success for this new generation, no?