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  1. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    lol This TSB skipped my Vin T_T Or Maybe the 30xxx is for canada and canada is slow AF
  2. Front grille coming apart.

    Wow that is so awesome! Your dealership is the best! My dealership *Points at the Type R* "'s normal" LMAO Fak off! Hope Honda will issue a TSB fix in Canada T_T Canada still doesn't even have TSB for the warm start grind... but its not really happening as often so I'm not mad yet. lol
  3. Is this even fixable without professional repair?

    Ya that seems like pretty serious damage. Since its actually on the door and rear panel it would likely be around a G like mentioned above.
  4. Buzzing sound when using the accelerator

    Does it sound like its coming from the left side? If so try to replicate the sound and than try again with your finger or a cloth pushed in between the door and dash. If it goes away the buzz/rattle is coming from the left side of the dash. You can try to either have foam or double sided...
  5. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    Ya, I'm not sure if its because the summer for me here wasn't as hot, it rarely happens now. Only happened on really hot days. and very short ones randomly even in cold. But not consistent enough to replicate at dealership. For now I'm holding off.
  6. Left muffler delete

    How much did u pay for the custom part?
  7. Red H Emblems, who has them?

    Hehe. Looks great but it reminds me of rudolf. :P
  8. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    Wait for 2 min?! Is that what they told u?
  9. Underbody Trim from Sport LX Hatchback?

    For Canadian pricings it would be best to contact your dealership tbh. But that said, how bad is the scratch? maybe sand it down and refinish?
  10. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    See if your car has a Copland threeway pipe recall maybe?
  11. Vibrating Noise From Dashboard At Just Above 2000 RPM

    Is it towards the left side of the steering wheel?
  12. Front grille coming apart.

    I'm worried it will get worst too. No luck at the dealership replacing it?
  13. Front grille coming apart.

    Really appreciate the photo. Mine is about like that too. Hope to get it resolved by dealership as well just trying to find the time.. since dealerships near the city so shit they wont even look at it.
  14. Front grille coming apart.

    Do you have any pictures? it seems like everyones are a bit different some worse some not as bad. I'm trying to see what they would consider and fix. Mine is not that bad but at the same time don't have a lot of time going to dealerships, ones near by are pretty shitty service.
  15. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    How much $ is estimated to be lost for trading in a car 1 year after? I'm debating to trade in mine next year.
  16. Front grille coming apart.

    Any updates on yours yet? Yes thats right on colder days it goes back XD lol and more noticeable when hot.
  17. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    Wow never heard anyone call a dealership the "best" haha. Looks like I may have to drive to BC to get it fixed LMAOOOOO
  18. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    Even these days? Mine happens once in a blue moon now due to not as hot weather here in toronto but I know for fact when its hot it happens. I actually happened when I got off work few days ago. then went straight to dealership. car won't do it again.. not it's just trolling with me i swear lol.