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  1. Visiting dealerships on memorial day to buy a 10th gen Si

    Good for you! I hope you love it!
  2. Visiting dealerships on memorial day to buy a 10th gen Si

    Am I the only one who needs to know if he bought the damn car?? :)
  3. Music versus Navigation Volume - Apple Car Play Issue?

    This happened to me once, months ago...rebooting the audio system fixed it.
  4. Do you Name your Civic or cars?

    My red BMW was also called Otto. LOL
  5. Do you Name your Civic or cars?

    Mine is named Grover. This is my third blue vehicle since 2001, and they have all been named Grover. In fact, I had a personalized license plate "GROVER2" from 2001 through 2014. At that point, I bought a red FR-S and Grover didn't quite fit anymore, and I'm not an Elmo fan. :) The FRS's...
  6. Someone decided to break my fog lights

    Mine were both broken within weeks of each other, less than 6 months after buying the car brand new. I hadn't even noticed until I did a walk-around with the dealership when I went in to get my windshield replaced (also caused by a rock) and he pointed it out. I searched here and found that...
  7. High speed "excitement"... cops were involved.

    For Arizona state police, it's mostly unmarked silver and white Explorers to watch out for, but they also have a whole fleet of unmarked F-150's in every color of the rainbow, and I saw something that made my blood run cold while passing the scene of a wreck on the side of the freeway several...
  8. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    I've posted this technique over and over in this forum but it's always ignored. LOL Everytime someone says "blind spot", I say "you can adjust your mirrors so you don't have a blind spot". It takes some getting used to, but once you've changed your mirrors this way, you'll never go back.
  9. Stolen airbag from my 2018 Hatch :(

    I also have State Farm, a 2019 ST Hatch, full coverage including full glass with $0 deductible, $500 comp and collision deductible, and I pay $619/6 months ($103/month). I've also been with them for 25+ years, have two other vehicles, a boat, and a house insured on the same I'm...
  10. the only thing I hate about my EX-T

    I hated this too, but noticed a couple of months or so ago that it doesn't happen anymore. I don't know where the change or upgrade happened, but they fixed it somehow.
  11. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    I've driven extensively in my '19 ST Hatch at both high speeds (90+) and in high winds (on flat AZ highways where crosswinds feel like they can blow you right off the road), and I've even commented to my husband how rock solid the car feels in both situations. I wonder if you have something...
  12. Windshield Replacement Question

    Safelite did the recalibration? I’ve been told by several glass companies that the recalibration can only be done at the dealership.
  13. Windshield Replacement Question

    I have a 2019 ST Hatch, and my windshield is decimated (I drive 100+ freeway miles per day and there's construction EVERYWHERE in Phoenix). I average about 2 windshields per year, doesn't matter the vehicle. I have State Farm with full glass coverage and zero deductible, and they are also...
  14. Shopping for a Civic...Things to Look For

    Yep, I was assuming a US car, but definitely other regions have different standard equipment.
  15. Shopping for a Civic...Things to Look For

    Yep, it is trim dependent. The LX has a different infotainment system and the heat/AC controls aren't part of that, they are manual.
  16. Things I've Noticed About this Car

    Um, everyone here in Phoenix where it's 115 degrees all summer would likely disagree with you. The main function of remote start for us is to get that AC blowing cold. Opening the windows when it's 150+ degrees inside the car doesn't do much of anything.
  17. poll prefer lane watch or lights on side view mirrors & beep warning for blind spot

    I have the mirrors adjusted for no blind spots, so it's not an issue for me, but if I cad to choose between the blinky light and the camera, I'd opt for the camera.
  18. Shopping for a Civic...Things to Look For

    One small thing that's major to some is the fact that the 2019 and 2020 have a physical volume knob, as well as physical fan controls for heat/AC. 2016-2018 have neither of these, which many find inconvenient.
  19. Honda Sensing - Turn off Lane Departure Warning

    I turn off the LKAS (little button that has a steering wheel and lines on it on the steering wheel) even when using ACC because there's been so much construction on Phoenix freeways, there's like 9 sets of partially removed lane lines on every freeway, which puts the car into an ongoing panic...
  20. Am I getting old or has the car scene gone full circle?

    Rear window louvres are coming back in style now. That was mid-80's high school for me!