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  1. Love Bugs Suck

    This is a great idea. Definitely going to do this as well when traveling up to that area.
  2. Love Bugs Suck

    I am dreading going up to Orlando because of this. Cars in my neighborhood that have come down the past couple days have been covered in them. I agree, worse I have seen in awhile.
  3. How old are y’all

    Turning 32 on May 20th.
  4. Civic $10 headlight mod!

    Very clean look! Love it!
  5. They Scratched My Brand New Wheels!!!

    I could maybe see it being an issue for one rim but for all of them? Yeah I would be very upset at well. I hope they take responsiblity for that. Really nice set ot rims.
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    You are not alone in that. I hate doing that as well.
  7. Needed help identify these mysterious scratches on my car!!!!

    I had a couple light scratches like that near the bumper. Used Meguiars Scratch-X to quickly take them out. I would try something like that out first. Always start with the least abbrassive.
  8. Driver side rear fender paint chipping away

    Yeah I agree that looks like a defect.
  9. Inner windshield ghosting

    What was the solution? I just been using Invisible Glass Cleaner and microfiber cloth to try it keep it clean.
  10. Infotainment software update?

    I am have sporadic issues with Car Play now. Bringing that up to my service advisor next week when I see them.
  11. gtman's "stock+" build

    Link to this? Mine is starting to rust. I wanna replace mine.
  12. Is it totaled?

    Yeah definitely looks a like a total loss. Glad to hear you are okay.
  13. Defect in paint 2018 civic lx sedan

    Post up some pictures please so we can get a better idea.
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Perfect! Thank you, these look great. Better than the ones I was planning on getting.
  15. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Door sills look nice. Where did you get them at?
  16. You guys are awesome!

    Definitely appreciate this forum as well and it is very active. Gonna be even more so now that everyone up north is getting ready for the summer.
  17. To touch up or not to?

    Yeah I would do touch up as well.
  18. Civic X Life Expectancy

    Yeah I would say the electronics as well. If you are doing the proper maintenance then it will definitely last a while. Granted some things are just outta your control.
  19. Your 10th Gen Is this a hype ting or lifetime ting?

    Definitely planning on keeping this car long term. I had my 2007 Civic for 10 years before selling it and getting my 2016. Love it.